About Us

What After College curates career-enhancing activities for students and allows experts,institutions and brands to reach out to thousands of students easily. It is the one stop-solution for students to enhance their skills, connect with experts and share their stories.

What After College was started by Mr. Rishabh Mehta to help students better answer the question of , well, “What after college?”. We aim to help students by helping them understand different career options and and attaining their dream career. We do this through offline events, workshops, seminars, talks, expert interviews, informative content and building a community.

We also help brands that want to tap the college audience through various branded activities, ticketing platform, community creation and more. You can learn more about our partner program.

With over a decade long experience in the education industry topped with reach to popular colleges among India and tens of thousands students , What After College is growing as one of the most well known and loved brand in the college circuits.