There are various ways one prepares for these tough exams. While some prefer to study at home, taking cues from previous papers, others join professional coaching for a better approach. However, preparation not only involves learning, but doing it in a systematic manner.

 civil service prepration

Here are a few pointers to help you prepare well for the Civil Service exams

  1. Problem solving and language skills: The preliminary exams are designed in a way to test one’s mental strength, decision-making power and language skills. It is not merely about facts and figures. So it is important to start working on these skills in your day-to-day lives.
  2. Preparation strategy: How you prepare for the exams is also an indication of whether you are made for the civil services. Planning well and time management are the key to covering various topics well which later reflects in your paper as well. So start working on these skills when you decide to give these exams a shot.
  3. Brief notes: It is a good idea to prepare brief notes of your syllabus as it makes memorising them easier. Besides, it is also a great revision technique as you simply need to take a look at the short notes. For figures, prepare simple charts or graphs. Breaking everything down helps.


  1. Sift information: It is not a good idea to overload on information as you never end up remembering it. So sieve through the relevant from the irrelevant and concentrate on that. Solve a few past years’ papers to get an idea of how the system works.
  2. Time management: The candidate is required to answer 100 questions in two hours which means you have around 40 seconds per question. Besides, there is also negative marking. Mock tests will help you learn about tackling time.
  3. Conceptual clarity: Don’t just study topics, but also be very clear about how they work. It is important to have clarity about concepts and their application in daily life.
  4. Mental strength: Civil services exam is one tough nut to crack and will require you to stay calm and composed throughout the journey. So practice meditation or yoga for a peaceful mind.


Be focussed and work towards your goal. Put in all the effort required and success would definitely be yours.



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