To become an IFS officer, one needs to clear the three-stage civil service exams and then receive training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie. However, there are other qualities that you must possess.


Working for the country while at the same time travelling the world is what Indian Foreign Service is assumed to be.



There are a whole lot of steps that go into selecting an IFS officer-

  1. For becoming an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer, the initial step is to apply for the civil service exams. After the three-stage procedure, topmost candidates are assigned the IAS while second highest the IFS. Around 20 candidates bag a position in the IFS every year.
  2. The training procedure for them does not end at the Lal Bahadur Shastri institute of Mussoorie. The probationary officers are then given additional training at the Foreign Service institute, located in New Delhi. The officers also undertake national and international tours during this period of training which lasts up to 36 months.



  1. A compulsory foreign language (CFL) is assigned at the end of the training programme and the candidate then works at the MEA for a short time before being posted to an Indian diplomatic mission abroad. The CFL assigned is the native language here. To continue in the service, the officer must receive training in the language and pass an exam.


As you can see, making it to this elite position is not easy. A rigorous training period polishes the candidate in such a manner that he can put forward the interests of the country in foreign nations.


The job of an IFS officer involves representing the nation at its, High Commissions, Embassies Consulates as well as United Nations and other such world bodies. They also work to promote affable relations with their assigned countries. Besides, they need to negotiate well the interests of their home country with the authority of the government they are posted in.


Basically, one needs to be a good speaker and should know how to communicate well. Presentation is important here. So if you thin



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