Indian Administrative Service is one of the esteemed professions in our country and fosters high hopes for aspiring candidates. Think of being an IAS and you will get awed towards the magnificent job that outshines all aspects of prestige and a glorious career. It has both, mission and passion. We probably imagine a big bungalow and an elegant office, a chauffeur-driven car with red beacons and attendants at service as perks for this high esteemed job. Now, who wouldn’t aim for IAS?

But, in truth, the responsibility of an IAS officer is much more than the perks. Reality of being an IAS revolves around a selfless job that requires all your might and swords. This hierarchical job requires an officer to rise through ranks, and it is not as easy as it may sound. Experience is the key to promotion.

Ever thought of waking up to a duty that is unpredictable as anything ? That is IAS

When you won’t know what to expect when you reach office? And, while in a natural calamity everyone is busy protecting their families, you will be at job, safeguarding all. Indian Administrative services do offer good perks and a decent salary at all the ranks. But does a Civil Servant really get time to make most of it?

Once recruited in the government setup, IAS officers are posted in rural and semi-urban areas to get the feeler of all the parts of the country they are going to serve. A general day of an administrative officer starts by 9 am and may stretch as long as 9-10pm. Timings can alter as per need of the job. At office, the IAS officers are responsible for managing issues related to administrative functioning in the designated departments, share opinions with ministers on various issues of national & international importance and frame policies. Maintaining the law and order, and fostering overall development of the area under their jurisdiction is also a part of their responsibility. A regular day is jammed with meetings and field inspections. And in case of emergencies, they are asked to stretch their working hours for whole night. Sometimes, an officer does not even get time to have his meals or speak to his family members even over a call.

 “There is no greater joy or greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life, even if it means to make sacrifices in yours”

Once an IAS officer gets to the position of District Magistrate, Divisional Commissioner or Chief Secretary, they get an escort for personal security. Administrative officers must always be available on calls for official purposes and are not allowed switch off their phone in any case. An IAS officer does get a luxurious residence in some posh locality and several other benefits like a personal vehicle, driver and many other medical facilities for self and family. But There are lot of policies and procedures too which an IAS officer is bound to follow. They need to get their leaves approved by a reporting head; moreover they can get a call anytime during their leisure trip, and they are bound to come back and serve the job if required.

Civil Services gives you an opportunity to serve the nation, serve the society and bring a positive change in our country and its people’s lives. An IAS officer holds immense powers in his hands along with lot of responsibilities towards the nation. Gratitude of people and acknowledgment in return to their plans & actions, are immensely satisfying and this feeling of gratification is one of most important aspects which make IAS as one of the most preferred jobs in India. However, salary and job security is always an added advantage with highly reputed Civil Administrative services.

“Everyone has a purpose in life, a unique gift or a special talent. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals”

Having known about the life of an IAS officer, if you think you can change lives for the better, go for it. The nation is waiting for you; UPSC is waiting for worthy candidates who can look at the brighter side of Life.

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