Joining the Indian Civil Services is always an exciting career path one can opt for. Though the journey is tough and can take a great amount of toil, no other career can be parallel to it. Power, responsibility, and pride – these are three things those can define this path.

indian civil services beyond the dreams

Do you think the government is not doing it in a right way for you? Then why don’t change it? There lies an opportunity ahead of you to become a part of the Indian Civil Services. Rather than being an engineer or a doctor, just take few more steps ahead of others and yes, you can make a difference. Though it is not an easy option to get in, but it is always worth giving an attempt, which can not only change your career, but also can change your outlook towards the world. There are majorly three career options in Indian Civil Services and there are certain reasons behind choosing them as a career path.


Indian Foreign Service




If you are interested in international business and politics, and want to represent your country in the foreign lands and enterprises, then this is the place, where you should be. You will have to take several trips across the globe, and who knows, you might end up as the Indian Ambassador or joining the Ministry of External Affairs.


Indian Foreign Service




If you are interested in making policy level decisions at the state or central levels, and want to redefine the laws and orders, those are already in place, then this is the place, where you should be. You will have to start your career from the district level jurisdiction, and someday you can be seen in the cabinet. Sounds interesting?


Indian Police Service



Does uniform charge you up? Do you this that the statue of law and order around you is not right? If that is the case, then Indian Police Service can be just the right choice for you. This is the place, where you will be responsible for maintaining the law and order of your jurisdiction.


This is such a career path, where you can leave your mark by contributing to the nation directly by your services. You will be endowed with great power and greater responsibilities.



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