While embarking upon the journey of Civil Services Examination preparation, this one question always pops-up in the mind of a serious candidate, ‘Whether self-study is efficient or taking IAS Coaching is a good decision?’  We see no reasons to ponder over this simple question which can be answered by your own self if you are well aware of the pros & cons of each.

Initially, you must understand that there is absolutely no compulsion of taking a coaching for any examination. Because it is YOU who will write the exam and a coaching will only guide you in your preparation. And, this does nowhere mean that the teachers at Civil Services coaching will only teach you the subjects. That has been done in school, already! At this level of competition, you must understand the difference between studying in a coaching and doing strategized self -study for coveted exams like Civil Services, before making any decision:

Pros of Self-Study, adverse for IAS Coaching: 

  • Financial Constraints is the biggest reason; a student backs down from their dream of becoming an IAS. Here, Self-Study with a dedicated study plan can help you crack IAS, as it has for many!
  • When you have all the relevant study sources, you can prepare from the comfort of your home, which in case of coaching becomes a little tough, also when the institutions or the academy is farther away from local vicinity. But then you must have right and concise study material which you can get from a coaching institute.
  • You are the best person to understand your strengths & weaknesses and thus, with the help of a strategized study plan, designed keeping your existing responsibilities in mind; you can easily cover the entire syllabus with self-study. While, on the other hand, it gets difficult for most of the people to go for regular coaching while handling their existing responsibilities. So for those, self-study can be a good option, provided they are preparing with a strategized plan and opting for right mock test papers at the right time
  • Aspirants inclined towards education or those who have a disciplined mindset can crack IAS with self-preparation, for, they already have the focus, analytical mind & dedication, required to excel in Civil Services Examination Preparation.
  • Dedicated self-study with a focused approach can rescue working professionals who dream of becoming an IAS, irrespective of the existing responsibilities they must take care of.

Benefits of Professional Guidance through Coaching:

  • To begin anything new, we always look for a guidance and support which you can easily get at a coaching academy without letting your mind diverted to thousands of other suggestions, which may harm you mentally and can act as a hurdle in your preparation journey
  • The complete Foundation programs with duration of 1 year or 2 years can help you form a stronger base and prepare with a systematic approach, while developing right personality traits, while, the short-term program can help you prepare well for the targeted stage of exam with right study material, focused approach, mock tests, etc.
  • The experts’ designed notes which students get during the regular or even the weekend batches can help students prepare systematically and concisely.
  • Coaching helps students get introduced to like-minded people who can help each other prepare even better.
  • Coaching is perfect to cover all the static and dynamic syllabus on Civil Services Exam, as the vast material often create dilemmas for aspirants as to what to study and what to leave.
  • Lack of Confidence, Limited or no access to the relevant study sources, etc can be easily tackled with coaching classes for Civil Services Examination.
  • By opting for one complete program, students can easily get access to all what they need to prepare well; be it, study material, previous year question papers, mock tests, Interview Guidance program, other relevant notes, sources to prepare for current affairs, current affairs booklets, regular classes by experts, and lot more, that too without any additional cost; which otherwise you might have to pay for.
  • Periodic tests in strict regard to UPSC pattern along-with negative marking pattern make students well prepared to appear at the actual Civil Services Exam.
  • Regular study & writing practice, in coaching, help students develop a right timetable for them and can make them follow it rigorously
  • Experts’ lectures, discussions with toppers & successful candidates, etc. can help students prepare not just academically, but also enhance their thought process and their ability to think like an administrator

You must understand that no online website or a dedicated coaching can make you crack IAS exam sure-shot unless you give in your dedication and best of efforts to their guidance and your preparation. It is a half & half partnership between a good mentor and a disciplined student that determines your success in Civil Services Examination. Hence, we always suggest taking preparation for this exam under professional guidance, for certain rivers must be crossed with those who know the water and have faced the currents.

You may now decide what suits you the best and give yourself a go! We wish you all the very best for Civil Services Examination.



Posted by Chanakya IAS Academy

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