Becoming an Indian Police Service officer brings with it lot of responsibilities and duties. It also looks like a dangerous job as compared to the other civil services. But if you truly feel for the people and want to bring about a change in their lives, you should go for the IPS.

 is it worthy to choose indian police service

 An Indian Police Service (IPS) officer’s shoulders are burdened with huge responsibilities. He has a tremendous job to fulfil, that of ensuring safety and security in the country. But that is not all there is to the IPS.




  1. An IPS officer’s scope of work is not limited to only internal security. There are other fields entrusted to him, such as the counter-terrorism, tackling corruption, economic offence, disaster management among others.
  2. An IPS officer can often head intelligence agencies such as the IB (Intelligence Bureau), RAW(Research & Analysis Wing) and CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation).



  1. He can even be entrusted to lead paramilitary forces such as BSF (Border Security Force), CRPF and others.
  2. They can even head certain departments under the Central and state government ministries. An IPS officer has the permission to interact and coordinate with officials of other pan-India services and the armed forces.
  3. In wake of terrorist threats, cyber crime, corporate crimes and other such criminal activities, an IPS officer’s work has increased manifold.


An IPS officer’s job might look like a dangerous one. He has to deal with criminals, terrorists, keep a tab on various criminal activities such as drug dealing, trafficking and more.

Fulfilling one’s job to the best of his ability gives the IPS officer an unmatched feeling of satisfaction. Serving the people is their primary job, be it in any department. When the job is done well, the officer is left feeling satiated.

So if you are someone who loves working for the people and never lets anything shift you from your goal, choose IPS. There is nothing like a career that serves the society



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