There is a flood of social causes to support out there. You can be a social entrepreneur within days but you need a strong hold on what you want to work for. These ideas will make you stand out and make the most of your social cause.

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Times are changing the way the world looks at social causes. Today, world’s leading social entrepreneurs are meeting year after year to discuss how to make the platform more credible and talk about the changes in social enterprise. The next decade is going to be huge for social entrepreneurs and with thousands of players in the field, what will make you stand out?

changing the rules of the game


You won’t find people talking in favor of starving children. So why is it that they persist? It’s all about changing the cause you feel for in an impeccable way and using social media to trigger it. For instance, Khan Academy by Salman Khan has changed the way people look at providing education. It’s free, online tuition is a complete game changer.

Tackle the problem differenty

The concept is simple, the old, incremental way of tackling problems doesn’t work. Think of new ways of accelerating change in the world. Look for tools that help to cope with this change. This is one thing that social entrepreneurs are working at consistently.

we need more problem solvers


NGOs like Happy Hands Foundation, iVolunteer etc have made a mark by using this simple formula. Even TOI’s Teach India campaign is a classic example of how you can involve people at various levels and get your social entity going.


The young are the driving force in the world of social causes. They bring their energy on the table and that’s how it works well. A majority of social entrepreneurs do well because they have young back up taking care of everyday tasks.



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