Take careful steps and make sure you are investing in the right places. There’s nothing like your own business and it prospers when you know where your money belongs. So what are you waiting for? Learn and get going with your venture. Now is the time to take the above mentioned suggestions.

business with 0 investment


The financial crisis often forces many to think over various decisions that may affect the business for years to come. Have you ever thought about how vulnerable you can become if the finances are not enough to start a business. If there isn’t initial capital, don’t be discouraged. In fact, there are business ideas that thrive even on low budgets. Here they are!

Brokerage Services


There’s an array of broking opportunities out there in the business arena. You can choose how you want to start a brokerage service depending on your interest and taste in a particular thing. You could try anything from real estate to investment and others. There are excellent opportunities here and the money is great in all the segments as people do not mind paying a hefty commission for getting a good deal.

Planning services

No one has the time to organise or plan a lot of important events in their personal life. This is why wedding planners, event organizers and corporate event experts are doing really well. This is a rising demand today. Look at how some entrepreneurs like The Wedding Company & Frogalised Productions have done commendably well in the last few years.

Virtual Assistance


A plethora of websites are offering virtual assistant jobs. The work is simple. You assist employers with operational tasks online. No investment or expenditure is required in this one.

Tuition classes


This is the best way to hone your skills too. Whether it’s academics or you have certain skills, like yoga, music or dance, use it to make money. Today parents do not have time to spend with kids and are worried about the child’s progress and are willing to pay reasonable money for the same.



This is one of the best options one can take up. From graphic designing, content writing to web designing, there are all kinds of needs that freelance world now caters to. If one has impressive track record, it’s one of the most lucrative businesses today.



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