In this article we have compiled the 7 Top GRE training institutes in Hyderabad that can help you prepare for GREs effectively and successfully.

Top GRE training institutes in HyderabadWith college days coming to an end, it is now time to look to the future. For people looking to pursue further education abroad, it’s time to buckle down and study for the next big academic endeavour – the GRE. This standardized test is a necessity for application to most universities abroad. Thus, it is imperative that students do well in this examination, to secure the best chances of enrolment in prestigious universities.

However, every student needs proper and meaningful guidance where academics are concerned, and the GRE is no different. Therefore, it is important to seek help from the right people and in the right places to make sure you have a shot at the best possible future for yourself. So for people who are willing to take the GRE and head abroad for further education, here are a few institutes and establishments that they can seek the help they deserve from:


Jamboree Education Pvt. Ltd.

Jamboree is probably the best GRE preparation and coaching classes in Hyderabad. Established in 1993, it claims to have trained more than 140,000 students across 36 centers in 4 countries.

Jamboree’s success and reputation rests on their simplified teaching methodology that promises maximum result with minimum effort. What makes them stand apart from the competition is its unique preparation approach tailored specifically for Indian aspirants. From conducting intelligently-designed diagnostic tests through holding online foundation webinars to covering latest GRE syllabus with the help of problems and finally, holding sectional/full-length tests—Jamboree ensures that every ounce of the student’s effort is directed towards a GRE 325+ score.

Some of the GRE high scorers from Hyderabad are, SV Ashish Kumar – 327, Teja Donepudi – 326 and many more.

Jamboree also provides excellent admissions counseling that includes shortlisting universities according to student profile, profile-improvement assistance, help with SOP’s and LOR’s, interview training, drafting application essays, etc. In association with their business partners, they offers a host of value-added services like visa help, student loans, scholarships advice, pre-departure assistance, etc. to help students reach their desired college abroad.

Over the years, the institute has expanded its presence to 3 study centers in Begumpet, Madhapur and Kukatpally. Located strategically across the metropolis, each study center has multiple classrooms, a state-of-the-art computer lab and a well-stocked library to facilitate aspirants’ test prep. Each faculty is rigorously trained in Jamboree pedagogy. Course delivery is synchronised across each center.

  • Visit Link:
  • Address: 2-66/3/B/33 A, 2nd floor, Opp Metro Pillar 32, Beside Bata Showroom, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081
  • Other Locations:  centers at Begumpet, Madhapur & Kukatpally
  • Call: +91-9582320407 for any queries or details about the course.

Brooklyn Review

Like for the SAT, IELTS, or TOEFL at the undergrad (and sometimes pre post-grad) level, the Brooklyn Review offices in Hyderabad offer guidance and preparatory courses for the GRE as well. Located in KPHB, Kukatpally, this institute offers courses and services that may be of useful assistance.

Portions covered:

The Brooklyn Review follows the structure of the GRE closely, and offers courses and material for the followingportions accordingly:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
    • Analysis of an issue
    • Analysis of an argument
  • Verbal Reasoning Section
  • Quantitative Reasoning Section
  • The Experimental Section
  • The Research Section

Reasons to trust this centre:

Voted and unequivocally regarded as one of the best training centres for standardized tests across the board, the Brooklyn Review offers enough material, advice and help, to get any student through the preparatory phase. The material provided is also updated and upgraded according to the most recent tests taken, and are up to the mark and relevant for students who wish to take the GRE later. There is also an E-library that enrolled students may access. Not only can students be sure to get excellent material and tutelage, but they may also count on individual attention and counselling if they so require.

Contact Information:

The centre is open to every viable candidate, and people may simply enquire at the offices for the enrolment procedures. They may also simply call on any of the following numbers – 040 4220 3550, 84660 75666, 84660 95666 – or log on to www.brooklynreview.inor drop in an email at in case of queries, doubts, or more information.

First Academy

This institute prepares students to test well on aptitude for logic and reasoning. Not only do they help students broaden their logic base, but they also concentrate on form and structure of the English language.

Course Duration:

The course is for 4 or 8 weeks, depending on the choice of the person trying for enrolment.

Course Structure:

The course readies the student for the 3 parts of the GRE:

  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Analytical Writing Assessment

The material covers vocabulary extensively, and gives the student an idea of root words, word forms, parts of speech and relations between words. It also covers reading comprehension, sentence comprehension, and the understanding of new words students may have not encountered before. For the quantitative section, the course starts off with easier material and advances slowly for the benefit of students from a non-mathematics background.

There are regular weekday classes, and weekend classes available, in addition to the special sessions the institute offers.

Contact Information

More information can be found on their website or they may be contacted at 040 4003 3825, 98666 88666, or emailed at

People’s Career

Based out of Ameerpet, this institution is for consultancy and has been established to help students to achieve desirous of their ambition and aptitude. They provide training for standardized tests to facilitate the further studies in countries abroad for students.

What the material helps in:

The material provided by the institution helps students analyse and evaluate written material, both for the logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude sections. The counsellors help the students to vet the material, gauge the material’s content, analyse it, and synthesize the information to answer the question accordingly. Relationships between words, concepts of sentence structure, concepts of arithmetic algebra, and geometry, concepts of data analysis and application of the same, analysis of critical thinking and writing skills, is covered during the preparatory course.

Contact Information:

For people seeking further information, they can visit the website, or contact the institution at +91 96180 18708.

Manhattan Review

With an astounding presence worldwide, this institution offers personal guidance and coaching for standardized testing. Based out of Madhapur, it boasts of qualified and experiences teachers, comprehensive material, learner-centred curriculum, top scores by students, admission services, and innovative score enhancer programs.

Courses offered:

  • Sentence Equivalence + Text Completion
  • Reading Comprehension + AWA
  • Online Verbal
  • Online Quant
  • Online Complete

Course Duration and Fees:

For a person looking for the full experience, the course runs for 48+ hours, for a fee of $1000. The other courses are for shorter time periods and lower fees, and specific to only certain material and crafted for the different sections of the GRE.

Materials and Resources:

Students applying for enrolment for the complete experience have access to the following:

  • Manhattan Review GRE Verbal Reasoning Guide
  • Essential words for GRE
  • Manhattan Review GRE Quantitative Reasoning Guide
  • 6 practice tests
  • GRE Official Guide
  • 5 full-length computer tests to gain real-time experience
  • 100+ practice drills
  • Extra sessions for students who need it to improve on areas of weakness

Contact Information:

For further queries and information, the institute can be contacted at +91 80080 04159, or more information can be found on the website


Texas Review

One of the fastest emerging training centres for consultancy and standardized testing, the Texas Review offers comprehensive classroom tests adequate for GRE preparation. Based out of Hyderabad, and 5 other cities in India, they have devised a way of preparing most conducive to the Indian market, and appropriate for students.

Assistance provided:

The Texas Review centre provides adequate material for the 3 sections of the GRE:

  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Analytical Writing Assessment

They provide a clear and detailed understanding of the GRE test structure, and the skills required to crack the exam. They have comprehensive modules for math and verbal skills, and small batch sizes, which facilitates and ensures individual attention for each student from the teacher or counsellor. There are also mock examinations the student can take to boost their confidence and get an understanding of the final examination.

Contact Information:

For more information, one can log on to or call at 040 6634 0340, +91 87123 40340, +91 98858 77887, +91 80193 40340 or email at


Manya – The Princeton Review

An admissions consulting institute, this establishment also provided preparatory sessions for the GRE exams. Belonging to the Manya Group that facilitates admission abroad, students can find information and assistance under 3 different categories:

  • GRE classroom
  • GRE online
  • GRE 1-on-1

Course Material and Assistance Provided:

  • The Princeton Review GRE Manual v8.0
  • ETS GRE Official Guide
  • Manya GRE Supplement with 750+ questions
  • The Princeton Review GRE Student Portal
  • Essay grading

The GRE Classroom category also assures the following for students free of extra cost:

  • Unique Satisfaction guarantee
  • Unlimited Extra Help

Requirements by institute:

For best and complete results the institute does have some conditions, apart from the fact that students actually appear for the GRE finally. These are as follows:

  • Minimum 85% attendance
  • Students must take all practice tests
  • Students must complete all prep course work that the institute offers as take-home material

Contact Information:

For further assistance, the institute can be emailed at or may be called at 040 6641 3619. People can also log on to


Jeeva’s Educational Academy

Jeeva’s Education Academy based out of Kukatpally, Hyderabad, provides a comprehensive understanding of the main features of the GRE and helps students prepare for the same. The institute helps students provide focused and concise answers for the analytical section, helps students demonstrate superb vocabulary, tests and improves mathematical skills – including arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis – and provides a holistic understanding of the standardized test and prepares students to the best of their abilities. They also offer mock tests to improve final results.

Facilities and assistance provided by the institute:

  • Access to Jeeva’s classes for one full year
  • Lab facilities for students to take computerised mock tests
  • Library facilities with unlimited access to students to facilitate revision process to take tests
  • Admission services which include counselling, selection of universities according to students’ abilities and merit, helping with admission processes and documentation, and VISA guidance

Contact Information:

For further assistance one can log on to One can also call the institute at 040 6461 5246 for direct assistance for queries and more information.

Top GRE Institutes

For students in Hyderabad who want to pursue further education abroad, and have to take the GRE, these centres can help gain a better understanding of the test, and provide adequate and excellent preparation under the best possible guidance to secure the best scores. Thus, these resources should definitely be exploited.



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