7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai

Are you nurturing a dream of becoming an IAS officer? Are you among those who are willing to fight out all the odds to become an IAS officer? If you answered yes to both these questions, then you have come to the right place,  especially if you are a resident of Chennai. With this article we will help you to understand the IAS stream and what it takes to be an IAS Officer. We will eventually list out the top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai. This would in turn help you to pick an institute according to your preference.

Don’t be disappointed and ready to jump out of this article if you are not a resident of Chennai. We also have a list of Top IAS Coaching Institutes in almost all the major cities of the country. Since good things come to those who wait, you will have to wait till the end of the article to find about the Top IAS Coaching Institutes in your city.

IAS Coaching Institutes in ChennaiIAS – Indian Administrative Service

Lets start from the beginning. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the most coveted services of India. IAS belongs to the premier league administrative services under the All india services. All india services contains three services in general but IAS holds a very prestigious stature among the three. These three services get their members recruited directly by the Central Government of India. Although their job profiles are extended to both state and centre. The method in which a candidate proves his eligibility for these services, especially IAS is through the exam conducted under the UPSC body. So clearing the IAS exam is a major criteria.

Role of An IAS Officer

IAS officer being a servant to both the state and central government holds a wide range of responsibilities. The major job role of an IAS officer is to be an effective part in framing and shaping policies that matter to the state and Center. The role doesn’t stop at there. IAS officers are responsible for overlooking the execution of these policies and making sure that they are implied appropriately. So to make sure that policies are implemented, the officer is also responsible for supervising and reporting on the areas where the policies are in effect.

Perks of being an IAS Officer

No doubt that the position is one of the most admired and envied professions in the country. As an IAS officer, Pay grade is no doubt the best in the country. Along with an attractive pay package, an IAS officer is basically taken care by the Government in all domain. From Accommodation benefits to security personnel to travelling, an IAS officer gets to reap all the benefits offered by the Government of the country.

IAS Exam-IAS Coaching Institutes in ChennaiIAS EXAM

Now that we have gone through what it is to be an IAS officer in brief, lets take a look at the most important aspect. IAS Exam. As mentioned above, IAS exams are how you would be able to fight it out for your dream towards becoming an IAS officer. It is no surprise that IAS exam is not the easiest. It is one of the most challenging screening process.

According to statistics, the success ratio of IAS exam is a mere figure of 0.01 percent. This implies that perhaps out of 1 million applicants, only 180 candidates pass through it successfully. Scared enough? Well not to worry because all it takes is a systematic and effective preparation. Many fail because of the wrong kind of planning towards the preparation of IAS exam.

IAS exams is conducted in three stages . First stage is the prelim. This is basically a set of two objective based exams generally referred as civil service Aptitude Test. Second stage is Mains. This level contains nine papers. yes you heard it right !!. Nine papers and that too essay based papers. The final set is the most toughest and perhaps the trickiest of the IAS exam Scheme. Interview or Personality Test where you would be facing a panel and basically explaining why you deserve to be an IAS officer.

Now that we have scared you enough against your dream, i guess we should give you a solution as well. Hence our list of 7 top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai. The list is basically the 7 top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai. Thee list can help you prepare for the IAS exam without putting you into much turmoil. Benefits of going for an effective Coaching Institutes is that you wouldn’t have to worry whether you are preparing for the exams in the right way. Thats where the institutes come into play. They can guide and help you prepare for the exams systematical so read on for our list of :-

7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai

Lets begin the list with the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Chennai:

Shankar IAS Academy

Established in 2004, Shankar IAS Academy has created 900+ IAS, IPS and other elite service personnel so far. With a faculty team that is considered to be one of the best in the country, the academy provides intensive coaching for Prelims, Mains and Interview. The academy also provides online coaching for Civil Services exam with live 2-way interaction. With branches in 3 cities (Chennai, Bengaluru and Trivandrum), the academy also provides 14 optional subjects that include coaching for Indian Forest Services exam.

Based on its results and track records, Shankar IAS Academy has been chosen the preferred Civil Services coaching partner by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (Government of India) and Kapu Corporation (Government of Andhra Pradesh). The academy provides one of the most viewed current affairs materials for UPSC through www.iasparliament.com and Civilspedia (YouTube channel).

Address: Shankar IAS Academy, Door No 18, Old Plot No 109, New Plot No 259, AL Block, 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony, Annanagar, Chennai ‐ 600040.

Contact : 7667766266 | 044 48574957

Email : enquiry@shankarias.in

Website : www.shankariasacademy.com | www.iasparliament.com

Second in our list of 7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai is

Officers IAS Academy

Officers IAS Academy was the brain child of Four core members who themselves had not cleared the exams but had also served in the civil services. The founder and Director, Israel Jebasingh has in fact cleared the IAS exam twice.  He is joined by other core members, Mr Rangarajan, Subramhanyan S , Satapathy R and Anandi Israel in the administrative panel. Over the years, officers IAS Academy has become a renowned organisation in Coaching IAS aspirants and ensuring them effective preparation towards achieving their dream. Officers IAS Academy boasts of a unique mentoring program, ‘Hansei’.

Run by once successful civil servants and IAS Exam topper, their curriculum have been designed in order to help students “getting inside the mind of the UPSC examiner”. They believe in precision delivery of syllabus which is unlike any other institutes that focus on voluminous curriculum and reading. They also regulate preparations with systematic mock tests and test series

Address : Officers IAS Academy, Plot No. 935, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040

Contact :044-40483555, +91 9677174226

Email : info@officersiasacademy.com

Website : www.officersiasacademy.com

Third in our list of 7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai is

Success IAS Academy-IAS Coaching Institutes in ChennaiSuccess IAS Academy

Success IAS Academy was established back in 2003 and till date has successfully trained more than 200 aspirants in achieving their IAS, IPS and IRS dreams. Their constructive course programs consists of conceptual based learning of core subjects like Sociology, Geography, History , political science and other important subjects. Each of their training is supplemented by subject notes, periodical tests and in-depth analysis of the answers.

The academy follow the curriculum with regular series of tests, group discussions, training and personality development classes. The other major feature of the training  by Success IAS academy is their Leadership Quality sessions  and Social responsibility speech sessions conducted by eminent members of the society

Address : 4F, 13th Block, Jains Green Acres, Dharga Road, Jamin Pallavaram, Chennai – 600 043.

Contact : 044-22663382, 09940054689

Email : successias.sampath@gmail.com

Website : www.successiasacademy.com

Fourth in our list of 7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai is

Impact IAS-IAS Coaching Institutes in ChennaiImpact IAS Academy

impact IAS Academy was established back in 2006 in Annanagar and has the credit of taking hundreds of IAS Aspirants to their dream careers in Indian civil service. Their motto has been to provide with affordable and quality education to numerous IAS aspirants irrespective of the financial background they belong to. They believe in giving their students with an extra edge through their rigorous and all research training programs so that they can perform and exhibit good results in IAS exams. Meticulously prepared curriculum, interactive training sessions and regularly conducted test series help the students with their success. They have been working diligently towards optimising student’s performance over the years.

Address : AC 12, 2nd Avenue, Opp. Hotel Saravana , Bhavan, Univercel Show Room Complex, 3rd Floor, Anna Nagar, Chennai,  Tamil Nadu, India – 600 040.

Contact : 044 – 4353 7455, +91-98405 57455

Email : info@impactiasacademy.com, impactias@gmail.com

Website : www.impactiasacademy.com

Fifth in our list of 7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai is

Manidha Naeyam-IAS Coaching Institutes in ChennaiManidha Naeyam IAS Academy

Founded in 2006 by the humanitarian and social activist, Thiru Saidai Sa Duraisamy, Manidha Naeyam IAS Academy had started its initial batch with just 28 students and out of 17 of the students had successfully cleared prelim and 9 out of these 17 students eventually clearing the Main exams. From this impressive initial record, the institute had gone on to train hundreds of IAS Aspirants and helping them reach their goals. Sadai Duraisamy had started Manidha Naeyam with the vision to help economically vulnerable students with free coaching and helping them to attain the IAS goal without the burden of money hampering their dreams. The institute provides Free coaching and have successfully helped 2965 IAS aspirants with their dreams

Address : #28, 1st Main Road, C I T Nagar, Chennai – 600 035

Contact : 9025408908 / 9840106162, 044 – 24358373 / 24330095

Website : www.mntfreeias.com

Sixth in our list of 7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai is

Smart Leaders-IAS Coaching Institutes in ChennaiSmart Leaders IAS Academy

Smart Leaders IAS Academy boasts of a team that has created successful records when it comes to training successful IAS candidates. The Proving team of Smart Leader IAS Academy has two core members, Mr.S.Sivarajavel and Mr. M.A.Sadik. The institute was set up back in 2009 and has been a powerful force in helping students master IAS curriculum especially in general studies. They have been providing

Effective Guidance for candidates and that is also what makes them different in their training. Their motto is to provide practical and viable solutions and preparation structure to the students so that students can find it easier to cope with the changing nature of Competitive exams in the country. They have structuring their training methods in such a way so as to help the candidates bring out the best in them.

Address : No.5105/1, 15th Main Road, “H” Block, Anna Nagar West, Chennai – 600 040.

Contact : 9176787980, 7200010122

E mail : info@smartleadersias.com

Website : www.smartleadersias.com

Seventh in our list of 7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai is

Indian IAS -IAS Coaching Institutes in ChennaiIndian IAS Academy

Indian IAS Academy was founded by Mrs. N.Sujatha Ramesh, B.Sc. (Agri), MBA with the aim of providing IAS aspirants with the right direction in their preparation towards IAS exam. She herself has decade long experience of being a civil service aspirant and teaching hundreds of students . Indian IAS Academy have successfully seen 200 of their students being recruited for UPSC and 500 students under TNPSC service.

They provide their students with interactive coaching session to keep it easier and effective for their students. A regular conduction of tests and doubt sessions ensure a regulated monitoring of student’s progress. The result oriented preparation modules help the students to build a confidence and clarity in their preparations

Address : AB-101,2nd Floor, PKS Complex, 6th Main Road, Shanthi Colony, Opp to Marry Brown Hotel, Anna Nagar, Chennai- 40.

Contact: 044 – 2620 3883, 91767 12034 / 70927 29797

Email: enquiry@indianiasacademy.com

Website : www.indianiasacademy.com

So that was our list of 7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai. We hope that our article would be able to give you some insight into your preparations. Finally as promised, we are also leaving a list of Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi, Mumbai , Hyderabad, Bangalore and more cities.

We wish all the aspirants of this year all the very best in your preparations !!

Disclaimer : The content on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team and the ranking is based on the criteria and guidelines set by What After College and not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies.  It is a purely third party research work.



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