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Appearing for the civil services examination is by no means an easy task. This examination which is conducted on nationwide basis is your visa to be a part of a number of different branches of the government including the Indian Police Service (IPS) or the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) or the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The civil service examination is by far the most challenging exam which is conducted on national level. It is no surprise that out of the million odd students who appear for this examination, only a thousand odd students actually qualify.

Understanding the format

Before you enroll yourself in the best IAS coaching institute in Chennai, it is essential that as a student you know the exact format of this exam before you actually start preparing for it. This exam is divided into three main parts:

Part I consists of a written test which usually takes place in the month of May or June. The results of this exam are usually declared in the month of August. Part II is the main exam which is conducted during the months of October or November. The results of this exam are declared most probably in the second week of March. The third part is the final stage which is that of a personality test and conducted by means of a face to face interview. This interview takes place in the months of April or May.


Top 7 IAS coaching institutes in Chennai

Let us now take a look at some of the top IAS coaching institutes in Chennai which are listed as follows:


Shankar IAS Academy

Rated as the best coaching institute for civil services examination, Shankar IAS Academy has been topping this list since 2004. Owing to the high quality teaching, training and preparations which it provides to the students, the Shankar IAS Academy based in Anna Nagar in Chennai but has branches at different locations like Salem, Adyar, Bengaluru along with Thiruvananthapuram. It is not just students from neighbouring states but from the different parts of the country enroll in this reputed institute.

Apart from preparing the students for the written examination, this academy also offers training on how to face interviews etc and boasts of giving this country more than 200 civil servants till date.

Salient Features:

  • Emphasis on student- teacher interaction;
  • Well experienced and qualified faculty members;
  • Online coaching for students based out of countries like the UK, Africa etc;
  • World class infrastructure and facilities; and
  • Continuous online support to students.

Course Fees:

Fees to this reputed academy are dependent upon the modules on which you intend to get coaching. Apart from regular coaching, this institute also offers mock test series as well.

Contact Details:

+91-76677 66266

Website: https://www.shankariasacademy.com/


Cracking IAS Academy

Established by a group of like minded IAS toppers, the Cracking IAS Academy intends to coach and guide all the serious IAS aspirants who are dedicated and committed to cracking this fiercely competitive examination. It is owing to the commitment which this institute has that this institute has emerged as one of the top IAS coaching academies in Chennai. Let us take a look at some of the salient features of this institute:

  • Purposeful and goal oriented academy committed to preparing students for the civil services examination since 2005;
  • Helps aspirants to draw accurate strategies and master notes;
  • Team of highly competent and knowledgeable faculty members;
  • Individual attention to every candidate in which his individual strengths and weaknesses are assessed and worked upon

Contact Details:


Website: www.crackingias.com/




Over the years, one institute which has really emerged as the winner when it comes to IAS guidance and preparation, it is the Time Institute of Management Education Private Limited or T.I.M.E as it is popularly also known as. This institute is by far the largest institute which offers professional coaching on IAS. Some of the salient features which make T.I.M.E institute different from the rest of the IAS coaching academies are:

  • Widespread network of centres in as many as 232 offices spread in 116 cities all over India;
  • Large and dedicated team of professors having management or doctorate degrees to their credit;
  • Provide actual classroom as well as online coaching;
  • More than 25 years of training experience;
  • Personal attention and assessment of every student.





Established by K. Venkanna, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences or the IMS, is another well known and recognized institute which not just guides students for the IAS exam but prepares them in such a way that they crack it with flying colors and impressive ranks. One of the factors which make this institute different from the rest is that this institute puts a lot of emphasis on mathematics and helps students overcome the anxiety which they tend to have about mathematics.

Salient Features:

  • Has been instrumental in helping students unleash their hidden potential;
  • Helpful and meaningful guidance provided to all the students;

Course Fees:

For seeking coaching for IAS, IMS charges a total fee of INR 45000. Along with this, students also have to pay service tax of 15%. This is for classroom teaching. Alternatively, students can also pay INR 30000 and reserve their seat in this institute.

For those intending to enroll themselves for the test series, a fee of INR 13500 in addition to service tax of 15% is to be paid or they can also pay INR 8000 as registration fees.

Contact Details:


Website: www.imsindia.com/


Periyar IAS Academy:

One of the oldest IAS preparatory academies in Chennai is the Periyar Academy. This Academy which is in its 28th year has produced large number of government functionaries and other officials in different government departments and other esteemed organizations. Salient features of this reputed institute are as follows:

  • This academy is set up exclusively for coaching the Civil Services Examination (CSE) aspirants;
  • The Academy consists of well qualified and competent faculty with a strong experience in this field.
  • Coaching is provided not just through lectures but by making use of other interactive means like workshop sessions, group discussions, exercises, quizzes, debates and seminars etc;
  • Special focus on group studies which comprises of three chief components, discussion on the topic in the study circle, preparation of report by that circle and presentation of the report in a seminar to the whole batch and the faculty;
  • “Student Talk” organized every week to help students get groomed on public speaking. Duirng this session, every student is required to present or talk about some topic which is assessed by the faculty;
  • Special efforts are taken to help students develop the habit of carefully reading the newspaper in order to keep abreast of the current happenings;
  • Guest lectures organized on regular basis; and
  • Regular interaction with IAS officers who have cracked this prestigious exam.

Contact Details:



Brilliant Tutorials:

Brilliant Tutorials offer the perfect recipe for success to each of its students who enrolls himself in this top ranking IAS coaching academy. Brilliant is the culmination of the best and most efficient trainers coupled with an exhaustive study material and an intensive training methodology.

It is of surprise that with each passing year, students passing out from this academy achieve high level of success with a good score and strong ranks. Let us look at some of the features which has made Brilliant become such a top institute for coaching IAS aspirants:

  • More than 40 years of experience of teaching students;
  • Strong and uncompromising standards of commitment to give the best results;
  • Specially designed classroom courses in order to give students optimum learning;
  • Exhaustive study material consisting of illustrative examples along with plus solved as well as unsolved problems;
  • Questionnaire at the end of each section to help students understand in a much better manner;
  • Students motivated and guided to solve problems without help.
  • Focus more on adopting an ‘interactive’ approach; and
  • Strong team of faculty members

Contact Details:

+91-9500001876 or 044-48515113

Website: brilliant-tutorials.com/


Indian IAS Academy:

Another institute which makes it to the list of top IAS coaching institutes is the Indian IAS Academy. This institute is known and popular among the student force due to the new, innovative and unique ways of teaching which they adopt while teaching. This academy also includes subjects like history, geography, public administration etc which are taught by extremely qualified team of faculty members. Besides this, students are also provided with crisp and informative notes which help them in their preparations. Understanding the salient features of this institute will help us understand why this academy is so popular and listed as one of the top IAS coaching institutes:

Salient Features:

  • Interactive class coaching;
  • Special sessions for clarifying doubts;
  • Help in achieving the ultimate aim of building confidence and clarity ;
  • Concept building through the easy way.
  • Some classes are conducted by successful toppers; and
  • Result oriented approach.

Website: www.indianiasacademy.com/


Hopefully, this list must have made your exercise of researching, short listing and finalizing your IAS coaching institute lot better. Whichever institute you opt for, just remember that along with their guidance, you must all give it your best, as only then will you be able to come out with flying colours!



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