Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram is a popular IT hub of India. It is no surprise then that every year hundreds of students from the city decide to take the GATE. The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering popularly known as the GATE is an examination that tests an applicant’s complete understanding of undergraduate subjects related to engineering and science. This coveted exam is jointly conducted by the IISc and seven of the IIT centers on behalf of the national coordination board – GATE, under the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

A candidates GATE score is reflective of his/her relative performance and can be considered 3 years from the time the results are announced. GATE scores are used to obtain admissions into various postgraduate engineering programs at many institutes of higher education. Students with high scores also have a chance to get financial scholarships from the MHRD and other government ministries. Considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country, GATE scores are also recognized by some institutes outside India.

A completely computer-based test, the paper consists of both multiple choice and numerical answer type questions. Scored out of 100, candidates have to attempt a total of 65 questions in a time period of 3 hours. GATE’s high level of toughness and the enormous syllabus requires students to take on some very demanding result oriented training.

Not only do the candidates have to be completely dedicated, they also need guidance from experienced mentors, who can teach the smart ways to achieve this target. This is why it becomes truly necessary for all GATE aspirants to find a suitable coaching center, where they can learn and grow their knowledge base in a more all-around manner. Below is a list of some of the most sought-after GATE coaching centers in Trivandrum:


Situated in the heart of Trivandrum, Gateforum has been a popular GATE coaching institute for more than a decade. Spread over 65 cities across the country, the institute provides some of the finest training for GATE and IES aspirants. Their dedication to academic excellence is proven by the AIR 1 rank that they have successfully held onto for 11 years.

Fully equipped with smart classrooms, all their centers are fitted to give students the best GATE coaching experience. The institute also boasts of some of the most professional management and staff, having trained more than 180000 aspirants, they have extensive experience in handling student queries.

Their technical team of highly competent IIT and IISc postgraduates utilizes scientific training techniques, regular practice, engaging workbooks and test sessions to prepare students to do their best for these competitive exams. The academy is also very popular for its distance learning and online courses, which focus on providing GATE training to students residing in rural India.

Students enrolled with Gateforum have the advantage of their all India online test series – TarGATE, which provides them with a comprehensive assessment and a comparative analysis of their preparedness.



The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes T.I.M.E. as one of the largest educational groups in the entire world. With more than 200 centers across the country, this institute has made its presence felt in all major cities. Since its inception in 1992, T.I.M.E. has accomplished a significant landmark of training more than 20 lakh students.

Their high success rate and world-class infrastructure attract postgraduates and doctorates from acclaimed institutes like Oxford, IIT, IIM etc. to join them as faculty. Focused on high-quality education and result-oriented training, the institute equips students with the best of every possible skill they need to crack these examinations.

Not only do the students have the advantage of preparing from some of the most comprehensive study material, this leading test-prep institute conducts regular practice, test and feedback sessions so that they attain utmost clarity and confidence.

TIME has nine centers at prime locations in the city of Trivandrum and all of them offer coaching for multiple competitive examinations.


The Gate Academy 


The Gate Academy is a one-of-its-kind coaching academy where students get guidance from former GATE toppers. Founded by IIT and IISc alumni, the institute aims at helping potential engineers to determine, accomplish and surpass their complete potential. They have more than 50 centers across the country, all of which employ highly trained and experienced faculty.

Their team of academic experts, over the years, has worked hard to develop highly competent curriculum and scientific teaching methodology. This is supported by more than 550 hours of intensive classroom sessions that focus on the fundamental concepts in each of the subjects. These interactive sessions focus majorly on concept building, followed by training in practical problem-solving. Students can build on their strengths with the e-lectures – a collection of video lectures delivered by GATE Toppers.

The entire syllabus is covered in the form of theory, questions and solutions in the 12 -16 GATE focused textbooks provided by them. These textbooks are accompanied by a refresher guide and a formulae book, which are very helpful for last minute revisions. Full-length tests based on the latest GATE syllabus are made available from the day the students enroll themselves. More than 12 all India Mock tests are also allowed online along with its video solutions.


Brilliant Tutorials

Operating productively into its fifth successful decade of eminence through excellence, Brilliant is considered India’s number 1 coaching institute by many. Trusted by students and parents alike, it is one of the largest institutes pioneering distance learning across the nation. They attract students from the furthest corners of the country and help them realize their career goals.

The institute aims at empowering students and professionals everywhere and to fulfill the rising demands for higher educational institutes. With a permanent faculty of more than 125 highly accomplished lecturers and professors, Brilliant has put together a dream team that can deal with all sorts of student queries.

Well- researched course material gives their students clarity and confidence on vital subjects and concepts, guaranteeing a strong foundation. Interactive classroom sessions build on this knowledge base, with the help of group discussions, regular tests, and feedback sessions. ‘Mind Maps’ is a unique training tool that lecturers at Brilliant use extensively. This tool allows students to see a graphic display of complete topics for the purpose of easy revision.


Sigma Group Education Academy

Proven to be one of the best GATE coaching centers in Trivandrum, Sigma was founded by two competent IES professionals. The academy primarily aims to provide students with some high-quality education and make engineers value engineering as a whole so that they can serve the country to the best of their abilities.

Their vastly talented team of professors and mentors hold high standards of teaching and deliver some the most exemplary and intensive coaching for GATE, PSUs, and IES. The interactive classroom sessions focus on application level problems, rather than simply conducting submissive theory. Methodically planned sessions ensure that the complete syllabus is covered much ahead of time, leaving ample time for revisions and feedback sessions.

The well equipped smart classes create a productive environment for the students, where they can foster their strengths and learn from the very best. Objective examinations are conducted weekly for all subjects, giving students a chance to assess their progress on a regular basis. The academy’s dedication and passion for quality training manifests itself in the high number of students that qualify for these competitive exams.


Joining a coaching center is helpful as students find all the resources they need to clear the competitive exam in one place. But it is also essential that you keep yourself motivated and dedicated to the task. Hope you found this list of the top GATE coaching centers informative and useful. Wishing you the best for your GATE preparations!

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