IAS, the acronym for Indian Administrative Service is one among the most prestigious exams held by the UPSC. An IAS officer once selected gets the opportunity to work under various roles including the commissioner, chief secretary, collector and more. More than the position and prestige that the job offers, it’s the opportunity to serve the nation which makes it particularly unique.With this article we have compiled for you IAS Coaching Institutes in Patna that can help you prepare for your exams

UPSC exam is the only exam that opens your door to the Indian Administrative Service. Commonly known as the IAS exam, it consists of three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Cracking all the three stages right at the first attempt is not a sinecure. However, it isn’t impossible as well.

The right guidance, attitude, and approach will help every candidate make his way through the exams. From amongst the millions that appear for this exam only thousand candidates get chosen for all the 24 services that come under the UPSC.

The three stages of this exam take a whole year to complete. This is one of the reasons why civil services exam is considered the toughest in the world.

Syllabus and Preparation

Every IAS aspirant requires understanding the UPSC syllabus and exam pattern well in order to stand a chance of cracking the exam. The preliminary exam, which is more of a qualifying test, consists of two compulsory papers. The questions are all multiple choice or objective type.

A candidate’s final rank in the civil services exam only depends on the main exam and interviews. The main exam consists of nine papers. However, from among the nine, only seven will be counted for the final ranking. The main exam is set out of 1750 marks, and the interview for 275 marks.

Classroom coaching is opted by most of the candidate to get proper guidance when appearing for the civil services exam. However, it is not a must to clear the IAS exam. There are a lot of websites providing online study materials these days.

Making use of the facilities you can learn from the comforts of your home. If the candidates have the fire burning in their bellies, self-study would be more than enough to ease their way through the exam.

Online mock tests are yet another way to get the much-required exposure before appearing for the exams. Many online platforms offer mock test facilities that are free to use. It is a faster way to learn all that you would need for the exams.

If online materials don’t satisfy you, there are a lot of UPSC books that you could buy from the market. Taking inputs from toppers or reference sites, the UPSC books following the latest syllabus could be found online too.

Choosing an IAS Coaching Institute

If you are a novice, then you ought to get some references before enrolling yourself in any random institutes. It is crucial that you choose the right institution to get the right guidance.

  1. With institutions making their appearance all around the country, it’s hard to distinguish between who’s legit and who’s not. Before you consult an academy, keep your queries ready. Institutions may make false claims of having a cent percent success ratio. But it is your duty to hurl down questions at them to make sure that they are legit.
  2. Faculties are the only people who decide your future when you join an institution. The way they guide and their experience in the field will decide whether you break or make your career.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Similarly, you can’t expect to do wonders with an institution that is new in the industry. Experienced faculties and a catalogue of wonderful results matter the most when choosing an IAS coaching institution.

Let us now go through the list of

IAS Coaching Institutes in Patna

First in our list of IAS Coaching Institutes in Patna is

Chronice Academy- IAS Coaching Institutes in PatnaChronicle Academy

Chronicle academy is the leading institute that offers IAS coaching in Patna. Alongside UPSC coaching, the academy also features coaching services for PCS, Railways, BPSC, CDPO, and more. The results have always been stunning at this academy.

Their panel of faculty members and their classes are a must attend if you are an IAS aspirant.

Address: 2nd Floor, Sumati Place, Boring Road, Patna, Bihar 800001

Contact: 093341 02329

Website: http://chronicle-academy-pvt-ltd.business.site/

Second in our list of IAS Coaching Institutes in Patna is

Chanakya Academy- IAS Coaching Institutes in PatnaChanakya IAS Academy

The academy runs on the philosophy that every individual is born to succeed. Found by Mr AK Mishra, the academy diligently works to train the candidates in both Hindi and English medium. Quality teaching and individual attention is the academy’s trademark, the faculties train the students to competitive and hard working.

With a vast amount of experience in the field, Chanakya tries to impart leadership abilities, responsibilities, and mind-power development alongside knowledge. The academy’s unique methodologies prepare by the Success guru is not to be missed.

The academy has its branches spread all over India so that every candidate gets a chance to succeed. The institution also has a remarkable record of results.

Address: Chanakya IAS Academy, Patna Branch,304,lllrd Floor, above Reliance Trends, Navyug Kamla Business park, East Boring Canal Road, Patna,Bihar 800001

Contact: +91-8252248158, +91-9905190260, +91-8102455678

Email: enquiry@chanakyaiasacademy.com

Website: www.chanakyaiasacademy.com

Third in our list of IAS Coaching Institutes in Patna is

Khan Academy- IAS Coaching Institutes in PatnaKSG – Khan Study Group

With its branches spread across the major cities in North India, KSG offers the best coaching when it comes to IAS and CSAT. Their general studies classes are spectacular and could lure every candidate in. At KSG, the founders are passionate about success.

They promise to make the process of learning much more comfortable and enjoyable. The classrooms in this academy are a sight to see with a large enough space but fewer students. The founders state that this is to make teacher-student interaction much easier.

At KSG, the experience faculties not only share information but also a piece of experience. In order to ensure seats, the candidates are required to register in advance.

Address: Above Toyota Showroom, Exhibition Road, Near Gandhi Maidan
Patna 800001, India

Contact: +91 7463950774

Email: khanstudygroup@gmail.com

Website: www.ksgindia.com/

Fourth in our list of IAS Coaching Institutes in Patna is

IBS- IAS Coaching Institutes in PatnaIBS

IBS is known as the best institute for every entrance exam possible in Patna. Presently, the academy is known as the multi-program teaching professional. The coaching provided by IBS is always helpful for students who would want to appear for IAS prelims.

Their foundation program aims at strengthening conceptual clarity, English language, general studies, logical reasoning and more. The institution comprises of highly skilled faculties, special strategies to create a winner out of every candidate.

IBS academy gives complete coaching at every stage so that the entire course goes as smooth as it can.

Address: opp.sri sai lions netralaya, PC Colony Kankarbagh, Patna, 800020

Contact: 0612-2662212, 7070092379

Email: ibs@ibsindia.co.in

Website: www.ibsindia.co.in

Fifth in our list of IAS Coaching Institutes in Patna is
ALS- IAS Coaching Institutes in Patna
ALS IAS Academy

The institution aims at weaving a perfect civil servant out of every candidate that joins their force. If not IAS, the institution trains the students to become highly competitive and extraordinary in their career path.

ALS is popular among the candidates for their high-end educational programs and unique use of technology. They provide coaching in both mediums namely, English and Hindi. The engaging Geography and History classes are their highlights though they excel in every other class as well.

If you enrol here, the workshops and the training programs that they hold comes as a bonus. Besides this, self-evaluation, periodical class tests, and answer writing sessions all make the campus stand out from the rest.

Address: Grand’s Aley Manawar, 3rd Floor, Near Panache Hotel,, South Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar 800001

Contact: 082520 02211

Email: alsias.patna@gmail.com

Website: http://www.alsias.net/

IAS is surely something hard to crack. However, candidates who have the fire inside them burning much stronger could get through the exam with much ease. The above institutions hold equally stupendous class and give proper guidance to all the candidates.

Now, it depends solely on you to opt the institution that you think will suit you right. A great lot of hard work and determination with the right amount of guidance will help you ascend towards your dream career.

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Disclaimer : The content on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team and the ranking is based on the criteria and guidelines set by What After College and not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies.  It is a purely third party research work.



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