Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi list that we have created comes in the wake of the fact that today, more and more youngsters from different streams like science, history, arts and even engineering, aspire to join the civil services to become an IAS, IFS, IPS or join other administrative services. The civil services examination is not only one of the most prestigious in the country, it is also one of the toughest exams you’ll ever take in your life.

Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Factors that Determine your Success

As it’s one of the country’s top-notch qualifying exam, an aspirant must be equally focussed, determined and have the right guidance to crack it. While the first two qualities are within oneself, the last one, “guidance” can be attained only with the help of experienced and skilled teachers. This is where the role of IAS Coaching Institutes comes into play.

Choosing the Right Coaching Institute

With the increase in popularity of the civil services examination (UPSC), several coaching centres have mushroomed all over the Delhi-NCR corridor. Most of these centres claim to make you an IAS quickly. But, sadly that isn’t the case. Don’t fall prey to marketing gimmicks.

Tips to help you choose from the Top 7  IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

 Finding the best centre from the hundreds of ones in Delhi is a tough task. To help you make the right decision  in selecting one appropriate for your needs from the list of Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi, make use of the following guidelines:

  • Always talk to current and old students of the centre before choosing any particular institute. The students will be able to give you a clear picture of what’s happening inside the centre.
  • Look at the past few years results. A good institute must be consistent with its performance over the years.
  • Some institutes have an excellent teacher for a particular subject but don’t focus on other subjects. That shouldn’t be the case. So, check out the credentials of all teachers before you sign up.
  • Check out if the institute updates their study material frequently. The UPSC makes revisions to the syllabus and pattern very often and it’s essential for the institute to keep themselves updates if they want their students to perform well.
  • Check if the institute is located in a locality that is convenient for you. Also, look for the availability of cheap student accommodation and public transport near the institute.
  • Look beyond the brand name. Some institutes have built a name for themselves in the past but sadly don’t live up to it. So, check if the centre is still relevant before enrolling.
  • The last but important factor to consider is the cost. Some institutes charge sky-high prices but aren’t worth it. So, always compare the prices charged by different institutes before you select the one that works for you.

Top 7 Institutes in Delhi for IAS Coaching

Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi


To assist you in selecting the right institute in Delhi, you can find a list of the Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi in no particular order. Do your research and choose the one that suits your requirements.



Vajirao-Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

  1. Vajirao and Reddy Institute

This is one of the premier IAS coaching institutes in Delhi and is well-known for its IAS preparation guidance. The centre offers coaching for aspirants to clear all three levels of the UPSC exam – the Prelims, Mains and Personality Test.

The institute is the brainchild of Dr.S.S Chaudhary and is one of the top IAS training institutes in Delhi.

With more than two decades of experience, it has helped over 3000 students join the civil services as IAS, IPS, IFS and other central services. It’s a common scenario for the students of this institute to consistently top the civil services examination every year.

The teaching faculty of this centre are highly qualified and hold high positions in several central universities. To provide comprehensive guidance and instruction, the centre has several teachers to handle different subjects.


KSG-Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

  1. Khan Study Group

Khan Study Group is one of the top coaching institutes for IAS preparation and CSAT. It offers guidance for students for General Studies and CSAT. The institute was initially founded by Dr.Khan in New Delhi and now has branches in several locations all over the country like Patna, Bhopal, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

The goal of the Study Group is to demystify the format and process of the UPSC examination and to help students improve their confidence level, so as to emerge victoriously. The institute ensures that the guidance is tailored to suit individual students so that the entire learning experience is comfortable and even enjoyable.

The best feature of this institute is that Dr.Khan, who began his career as a lecturer at a college of the University of Delhi, himself handles a few classes and has been doing so since 1992. The institute is proud of the fact that it has civil servants in all states and union territories of the country, who attribute their success to the Khan Study Group.


Chanakya IAS-Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi


  1. Chanakya IAS Academy

This institute helps to develop a competitive attitude among its students. The aspirants gain from quality teaching by reputed professors from top institutes and colleges. Individual attention on each and every student is the hallmark of this institute.

The academy often organises workshops and seminars by civil servants and other experts to help students gain an understanding of how the civil services work. It also helps students to think, express and groom themselves to be future administrators. The comprehensive and rigourous teaching practices employed by the Academy are the reason for the Academy’s presence all over the country.

Apart from teaching the various subjects for the exam, the institute lays emphasis on other skills like mind-power, leadership development, social responsibility to help the future administrators of the country emerge strong both in academics and other moral values.



ALS India-Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

  1. ALS (Alternative Learning System) IAS Academy


This famed and reputed IAS coaching institute is located in Mukherjee Nagar and Karol Bagh in New Delhi. The institute has a proven track record for success each and every year. It’s one of the country’s leading institutions and offers career initiation programs for a wide variety of career choices.

The ALS team attributes its success to the expertise of its team of dedicated teachers and the immense faith of students in the centre. The commitment of the teachers to the students and their skill and talent to make any subject feel interesting is what contributes to the success of this institute all through these years.

ALS IAS Academy conducts regular mock tests to boost the confidence levels of the young aspirants and to help them crack the IAS exams easily.



RAU IAS- Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi


  1. Rau’s IAS Study Circle

Almost all aspirants and even non-aspirants of the civil service examination would have heard the name of this coaching institute. The study circle was started by Dr.S.Rau way back in 1953. The institute was created with the aim of building a benchmark institute to help students excel the toughest competitive exam in India.

Today the centre has also branches in Bengaluru, Jaipur and other parts of the country. The centre is known for its consistent success and has one of the highest success rates in the UPSC exam in the country.

It has a distinguished team of faculty comprising of skilled teachers, administrators, researchers and educators. Rau’s IAS study circle provides young, aspiring students with a committed core faculty who groom them to achieve success.

Every student feels like he/she belongs to an exclusive study group and feels immense support and encouragement in each and every step.



Classic IAS- Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

  1. Classic IAS Academy

The classic IAS academy has been training IAS aspirants for nearly two and a half decades and is backed by a well-known business group in Delhi. The institute offers training in both English and Hindi to help aspirants prepare for the UPSC examination.

The institute develops a competitive attitude among the students and strives to realise their dreams. The coaching centre not just focuses on the subject knowledge of the aspirants but also equips them with other skills like leadership, quick thinking and problem solving to help them think and feel like civil servants.

The institute has experienced staff from reputed colleges and universities with at least 10-15 years of experience.



Sriram IAS- Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

  1. Shriram IAS Academy

While most institutes today try to establish themselves as leaders in all areas of the UPSC exams, Shri Ram IAS academy lays particular emphasis on the UPSC mains (both written and viva) that too for particular subjects like the essay, general studies and public administration. The institute also offers postal materials and guidance for the subjects mentioned above.

The institute openly announces the results of their students at the written level of the mains. This has helped them build credibility and trust amongst aspirants. The institute revises their study material every year, to ensure that it’s updated with the latest revisions of the UPSC.

The institute is the brainchild of Sanjay Sinha, who holds the position of Director of the Institute. He has been guiding students on their IAS preparation since 1996. He believes that the Civil Services Examinations are easy to tackle with the right guidance, hard work and a bit of intelligence. This is the motto behind the institute and has been helping students clear the UPSC mains with success for several years.



Don’t Forget the Power of Self-study

Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi 

While it’s no doubt that coaching centres can help you save time and guide you in the right direction when it comes to exam patterns, format and materials, you shouldn’t forget the power of self-study. Remember that the centre is just there to simplify your preparation time. However, the time you spend on studying and sharpening your skills is what matters a lot.

Let the coaching centre act as your stepping stone and help you focus your efforts in the right direction and we hope that our list of Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi would help you in this regards. Cheers!

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