Through this articles we will list out the top Summer Training Institutes Chennai has to offer.

One of the best ways to add extraordinary skills to your CV in a short period of time is by going for some appropriate training in summer. For a while now, the craze for summer training is elevating than before.

Now that the summers are here and schools and colleges are announcing summer holidays, you can utilize this break by learning something new and out of the course. Indeed, these short-term courses are beneficial enough to leave a positive and fruitful impact on your life altogether.

Learn Something Skillful This Summer Break

Since you would not be under pressure to repeat your academic lessons and to complete your homework on time; thus, summer break is the absolute time to pursue your passion.

While there is no denying the fact that the overall scenario of training institutes has modified, the aim is still the same. Instead of just relaxing around for two whole months, it would be advantageous to learn something that can inflate your career options in future.

The time invested in the present will surely churn out a handful of benefits in the future. From learning website designing to refining your dancing skills, from gaining the knowledge of a new language to acquiring the art of drawing, you surely have a myriad of options in front of you.

So, here are top 7 summer training institutes in Chennai which will offer you a variety of options. Read on, select the best one, and get started.


Summer Training Institutes Chennai

Filmography with Mindscreen Film Institute:

Does the filmography always have your interest? If yes, then this institute is where you can pursue your dream.

Courses Offered:

  • Cinematography
  • Screenwriting & Direction
  • Digital Photography
  • Acting for Film & Television
  • Weekend Acting for Camera


3-6 months

The courses cover everything that you would want to learn in this field. The courses are ideal for all those people who are contemplating to make a career in the film industry.

There are various benefits that you can gain from this course. You will be taught by a team of senior professionals who have years of experience in this domain. They instill theoretical knowledge regarding latest equipment used in the field.

The institute also offers qualitative professional study programs of film-making in theory as well as in practice.

Contact +91 44 42108682 / 24996417 and +91 9841612595 for further details



Summer Training Institutes Chennai

Learn to Design with Institute of Design

Institute of Design is one of the prominent places to be at if you aspire to be a designer. The institute conducts various classes that are not just beneficial but intriguing as well. One of the best reasons to enroll in this institute is that you get an ultimate chance to master the designing art, be it Fashion Designing or Interior Designing.

Courses Offered:

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Textile Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Visual Design
  • Fashion Jewelry

Prominent Features:

The course offered by this institute is ideal for those people who are making their way towards textile or fashion industry as designers. Under professional guidance, the course is taught with more of the hands-on approach than the conventional one.


  • To promote student’s talent, the institute conducts various activities, such as mock fashion show, an exhibition of fashion illustration, jewelry exhibition, interior design exhibition, etc.
  • The institute is affiliated with some of the leading colleges of Chennai, such as Ethiraj college for women, M.O.P college for women, women Christian college, etc.

To know more about the courses, call 9840183372 and 044-28330588



Summer Training Institutes Chennai

Get in the IT Sector with Upgrade

Upgrade offers you iOS and Android development courses with such integrity that every piece of knowledge from their end is to only make you ready for your professional world.

The courses offered include:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • WordPress
  • .NET
  • Digital Marketing
  • PHP

Highlights of programs:

  • Different types of courses to suit different requirements.
  • Instead of academic approach, courses offer practical and industrial-oriented approach.
  • Consistent amalgamation of effective learning tools.

The institute has more than 7 years of innovative experience of different organizations around the globe. The faculty is experienced and the trainer student ratio is 1:5. A developer environment is provided to students so that they can have a good learning experience. In addition to training hours, lab facility is provided whole day. The infrastructure is equipped with latest equipment and tools.

Call +91-44-42067733 for further details.



Summer Training Institutes Chennai

Learn Microsoft Excel with Excelgoodies Software Private Limited

Excelgoodies is one of the prominent places to ace the Microsoft excel techniques. The courses offered by the institute are on par with the current demands of the relevant industry. The courses aren’t much expensive either, making it easier for you to establish an excel base at affordable prices. Depending on your requirements and skills, you can select any course from the list offered by Excelgoodies.

Some of the Courses from Excelgoodies are:

  • MIS Excel Training for Finance Professionals
  • Excel Training for HR Professionals
  • Advanced Excel Training
  • Pivot Tables, charts, and Dashboards
  • Advanced Excel Reporting, Data Modeling, and Analytics
  • Financial Modeling
  • Excel Training for Marketing Professionals
  • Excel VBA Macro (Excel Automation)

To represent the Authorized Testing Centre for Microsoft Certifications, Excelgoodies proudly shook hands with Microsoft Inc. The institute not only teaches students to be the best maestros but have served more than 250 corporations with their services as well.

To know more about timings, fees, courses call 044-43546714 or +91-9176633248



Summer Training Institutes Chennai

Be an ace at coding with CodeBind Technologies

CodeBind Technologies offer technical courses for the duration of 4 to 6 weeks. Operated by techies, this institute aims at developing the core of different technological courses in student’s mind. The institute offers various short-term courses that can help you grab a job easily in the field of IT. Their motto is to imbibe punctuality and quality in every service that they offer.

The courses will help you stay up-to-date with the current requirements of the industry so that you can thrive effortlessly in your career.

Courses offered are:

  • IT Consulting
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO, SEM & SMM
  • Mobile Application Service
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Marketing
  • Hosting & Domain Registration
  • Basic C Programming

The institute possesses experienced and skilled staff so as to impart qualitative and practical knowledge to students. They train students in a most competitive way so that they can face and conquer challenges of the professional life. The courses available here will help you make your own stand in the IT industry.

Contact +91-9789617617 to know more details about the course



Summer Training Institutes Chennai

Get Engineering Training with Skyfi Labs

Skyfi Labs offers qualitative programs for engineering students. Their summer training courses include Quadrotor and RC aircraft, Animatronics and Robotic arm, IC Engine and automobile prototyping, Structural and Foundation analysis, BIM and CPM, and much more.

These courses are designed especially for engineering students so that they can be trained to meet the requirements of the industry.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Aeromodelling
  • Mechatronics
  • Robotics and IOT

Not just in Chennai, but these courses are available in total 9 cities. All the courses have been designed based on the project. The institute also offers 6 days of hands-on learning experience.

Contact 1800-3000-1260 for further details



Summer Training institutes chennai

IT Training with Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is one of the leading institutes in the IT domain. The institute has some of the best of teachers who help students solving their problems related to courses and the delivered lectures. Not just students, but their courses are appropriate for freshers as well as employed people as well.

Courses available are:

  • Database Developer Training
  • DBA Training
  • BPM Tools Training
  • IBM Training
  • BI & Data Warehousing Training
  • Cloud Computing Training
  • Web Designing Training
  • Mobile Application Training
  • Java Training
  • Software Testing Training
  • Microsoft Training
  • Oracle Application Training

Apart from this institute, Besant Technologies offer online training to make learning experience easier for people. The online training is available for those people who are living out of the country, working in the government sector and are willing to work in the software domain, working in software company, and working in some other private sector. As far as the student quota is concerned, the institute offers online training to those with the stream of medical, engineering, arts, science, etc.

So, be it Oracle, PHP, .NET, Teradata, Android, SharePoint, C & C++, UNIX Shell, or any other training course, Besant Technologies will make you an ace in the domain of IT and software.

To know further about the courses, timings, and fee structure call +91-9962528293 or 9962528294



This is the entire list of summer training institutes available in Chennai. So, if your summer vacations have started, it’s time to learn something new and out of the course. Whether your interest is taking you towards the IT sector or it is all about engineering, these different institutes are here to make your journey easier.

So, pick up your phone, dial the number of your favorite institute, get the proper details, and start your course today. In the future, these courses will surely help you in contouring your future in a better and efficient way.

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