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This article is aimed at people who are nurturing the IAS dream. We have tried to gather together 7 Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad has, where you can train and shape your goals effectively

IAS is one of the most difficult competitive examinations in the country. But while there is no denying that in the end it is your perseverance and hard-work that can help you crack this examination, a coaching institute can help you in many ways. For instance, the faculty at the institute can help you learn more within a limited span of time and can significantly improve your preparation.

Not to forget the mock tests which are regularly conducted at these institutes to help make the actual IAS exams easier for the students. Apart from this, when you are at an IAS coaching center, you also get to meet many other like-minded people. You can take learning tips from them, increase your knowledge, understand their perspectives, and keep yourself abreast with all the latest updates. Even the competitive environment of the coaching institute will keep your motivation levels high.

If you are in Hyderabad and are searching for the top IAS institute here, there are quite a few options available so read on for list of Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad has


7 Top IAS Coaching Institutes Hyderabad

Top on our list of Top IAS Coaching Institutes Hyderabad is:

La Excellence IAS

LA Excellence- Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad

La Excellence IAS is one of the most popular IAS institutes in Hyderabad. While the beginnings were humble when Mr. Narendranath (IFS Officer), Dr. Rambabu Palagadu and Dr. Chandrasekhar first decided to establish an institution known as LUFE (Let’s Unite for Excellence) in Delhi, La Excellence has come a very long way with branches in Hyderabad, Kochi, Bhopal, Thiruvananthapuram,  and Bangalore.

Apart from world-class infrastructure and facility, there are a few things which make La Excellence stand apart from other IAS institutes in Hyderabad. For instance, the institute has launched a mentorship program with the help of which the institute brings the selected alumnus and current IAS students together to help students gain excellent insights about how the past students succeeded in clearing the IAS exam.

It also organizes interaction with a number of senior IAS officers to help students get a better perspective. Moreover, the institute has also introduced CSE (Civil Service Excellence) Magazine which publishes all the latest updates about IAS exams and loads of other important information for the students.


Second on our list of Top IAS Coaching Institutes Hyderabad is

Brain Tree Institute

Brain Tree- Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad

Founded in the year 1991, Brain Tree is one of the oldest IAS coaching centers in Hyderabad. The institute has an impressive track record of facilitating students to join Central, State and All India services. The institute is founded by V. Gopala Krishna, a renowned academician whose articles on civil services has been published in a number of national and regional newspapers and has always helped students gain excellent insights about their career in civil services.

Brain Tree offers courses for all the regular papers as well as anthropology and public administration. Regular tests, audio-visual aids and lectures by serving and retired Civil Servants are some of the reasons that differentiate Brain Tree from other IAS institutes in Hyderabad. On average, the institute is known to have at least 20-25 candidates who succeed at every civil service examinations.

Apart from the full-time Foundational course when begins in the month of June every year, the institute also has weekend batches for people who work but are willing to appear for IAS. Moreover, the institute also prepares the student for the Personality Test with the help of lectures on current affairs and mock interviews.


Third on our list of Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad is

Analog IAS Institute

Analog- Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad

Analog Education Society was founded in the year 2000 with an aim to provide quality education which is a healthy combination of technical skills and overall personality development. Analog IAS Institute was the first initiative by the education society in 2002 to prepare students for the Civil Services exam conducted by UPSC every year. Over the years, the institute has had a distinction of producing several toppers with the help of its world-class faculty and teaching methodologies.

Srikant Vinnakota, the Director of Analog IAS Institute, has an M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and has qualified thrice for the Civil Services interview with Psychology and Mathematics as optional subjects. Revu Muthyala Raju, who achieved All India Rank-1 in the year 2006, was also a student of Analog IAS Institute. He was the first AIR-1 in both the Telugu states of the country.

The institute offers regular full-time course for the Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and the final Personality Test. The institute also has an excellent website with a Downloads section full of handy resources, like Crash Course Prelims, Prelims Test Series, Mock Interviews, Question Papers of past years, IAS Planner and e-Magazines.


Forth on our list of Top IAS Coaching Institutes Hyderabad is

Gandhi IAS Study Circle

Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad

The Gandhi IAS Study Circle was founded in the year 2005 with a goal to encourage men and women to make a career in the civil services. The study circle to offer further encouragement to the aspirants now offers coaching for IPS, IAS, State Services and Central Services. Moreover, the institute is also very popular for its coaching for many different Bank Examinations.

The faculty of GISC is made up of several experienced teachers, educators and administrators. The institute focuses on creating a healthy learning environment for the students to ensure that they are groomed a dedicated, gifted, knowledgeable and imaginative faculty. In the past few years, the institute has been able to achieve 60%-70% successful results in both the Mains and Prelims of IAS examination. Since its inception, more than 150 of its students have been selected in APPSC under many different categories.

The institute also has accommodation facility as students from many different cities are admitted to it every year. It has a state-of-the-art library and subject experts are called for guest lectures and seminars on a regular basis. Moreover, the institute also organizes educational tours multiple times in a year to provide students better understand about their career in Civil Services.


Fifth on our list of Top IAS Coaching Institutes Hyderabad is

IAS Brains

Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad

Located in Domalguda, Hyderabad, IAS Brains is also an excellent choice for IAS aspirants looking for the best IAS institute. The institute was founded in the year 2005 and has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the city due to its impressive track record. The institute focuses on connecting IAS aspirants with students who have already succeeded in cracking the Civil Services exams.

With IAS Brains, the IAS aspirants get several opportunities to interact with IAS experts and officers to ensure that they get in-depth knowledge about how they should prepare for their exams and how their life would be after clearing the exam. The institute is also very popular for its well-prepared notes which eliminate the need for the students to go through several newspapers, books and magazines to keep themselves updated about the happenings all over the world.

The institute has a dynamic team of professionals many of whom have qualified for IAS interviews. Apart from offering world-class facilities to the students, IAS Brains is also one of the most affordable IAS institutes in Hyderabad.


Sixth on our list of Top IAS Coaching Institutes Hyderabad is

The IAS Mentors

Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad

The IAS Mentors was founded in the year 2008 with a goal of providing training and instruction on all the levels of Civil Services Examination i.e. Preliminary, Main and Personality Test. While most of the institutes in Hyderabad only focus on the Prelims and Mains, the IAS Mentors is one of the handful of institutes which equally focuses on Personality Test too. It conducts mock interviews and tries its best to keep the students updated about all the latest happenings all over the world.

The faculty of the institute has been carefully selected and comprises of highly experienced teachers from Central Universities and other esteemed institutes throughout the country. The teachers help students create a well-defined strategy with the help of which they approach every single subject from the exams point of view.

While the institute doesn’t have accommodation facility, the Gandhinagar area where the institute is situated in Hyderabad has several highly affordable accommodations for students from other cities who wish to join The IAS Mentors.


and last in our list of Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad is

Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy

Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad

Sri Chaitanya was founded in the year 1986 with the establishment of Girls’ Junior College in Vijaywada. Since then, the academy has spread itself in many different parts of the country and now offers coaching for Civil Services in Hyderabad and Delhi. Rather than being just a standard IAS training institute, Sri Chaitanya is more of an academy with its own campus and world-class facilities like visual teaching, internet/Wi-Fi, guest lectures, educational tours, library, and a lot more.

The institute has experienced faculties who are very popular for their teaching strategies throughout the IAS institutes in Hyderabad. Students are provides notes, books and magazines to make it easier for them to prepare for the IAS exams. While the institute has started offering IAS training in 2009, it has quickly made its mark in Hyderabad and is now considered as one of the best.

Students from other cities who are looking for an IAS training institute in Hyderabad can definitely consider Sri Chaitanya. While the institute is surely one of the best in the city, the only drawback is that it is expensive than other IAS institutes.


Top IAS Institutes HyderabadA career in Civil Services is definitely one of the most rewarding and it will definitely take a lot of hard work to crack the IAS exams and play an integral part in the development of the country. If you believe you have it in you to clear the IAS exams, Top IAS Institutes Hyderabad, mentioned above can help you turn your dream in a reality.

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