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SSC is the abbreviation of ‘Staff Selection Commission’. The SSC exam is a standard exam conducted every year at the national level to recruit staff to various posts. Qualifying for the SSC exams opens a wide array of career opportunities. Millions of students appear for this exam every year, but only a handful of them make the cut.

The competition is always high.  However, once you clear the eam, then you can quickly ascend up the ladder towards a bright career.

Being one of the most sought-after exams, the popularity of this exam can only elevate up the hill. This post will provide you with all the information about the SSC exam including the amount of preparation that is required and the best coaching institutions which will aid the students in their preparations.

What Makes SSC CGL Exam More Desirable?

Every person in this world would want to grab a job as soon as they are done with their graduation.  Candidates have their own reason to choose SSC CGL and here is why.

  • Job Safety And Financial Stability 

When it comes to selecting a better career option, job safety and financial stability are the two factors that matter the most.  Indian government offers sturdy jobs to the candidates. Furthermore, a government job features complete financial security. You get to have your salary without any delay, unlike any other private jobs.

  • Salary Increments And Timely Promotions 

Pay commissions often monitor the salary offered by the Central Government workforce. Thus, the chances of salaries in public sector climb up are higher compared to the private sector.  The recommendations being much more employee-friendly in the past couple years have made the Central Government jobs even more profitable.

Timely Promotions are yet another perk of Central Government jobs. Employees are sure to get greatly rewarded for their experience and the time they have spent in the job.

  • Equal Opportunities And Career Progression

Central Government practices equality for every employee irrespective of caste, creed, and ethnicity. Every person is guaranteed equal opportunities if they prove their worth in a competitive exam to get chosen. Once you get a job, the SSC keeps on conducting “grade-wise departmental competitive exams” for people in the force.  Quality performance in the exam can get a person accelerated on their path to a bright career.

The popularity of SSC exams is elevating up the hill. Therefore, every SSC exam aspirant needs to start the preparations at the earliest to ascend towards the perfect future.

  • Work-Life Balance

Cracking the SSC exams open the door to a plenty lot of job opportunities featuring a prefect work-life balance. Unlike the private jobs, one doesn’t have to work late nights or during the weekends. Government jobs provide the employees with time for personal enrichment as well.

How To Choose A SSC Coaching Institute?

A plethora of SSC coaching institutes are popping up on the face of the earth. Thus,it is natural that the students feel overwhelmed about deciding which institute to opt for.  SSC exams are one among those exams that are much sought for. Therefore, it demands to take into account multiple factors when choosing a coaching institute.

Experienced and qualified teachers are the main factor that makes every institute successful. Gaining feedback from the former students of an institute will also be beneficial when in a dilemma to choose the right institute. Institute ranking also helps a candidate in choosing the right coaching institute that suits him.

Let us now take a look at the top five SSC coaching institutes in Jaipur that you can join.

KD Campus

Established in the fond memory of K D Singh, KD Campus offers tutoring for almost all entrance examination. Though a new face in the market, the campus became quite popular for their breakthrough results. The institute was initially headquartered in Delhi and later spread to almost every part of the country including Jaipur.

Adept guidance and unparallel written materials are one among the many factors that make this campus popular. Furthermore, KD Campus provides their students with a unique mobile-friendly app. The app features online tests for every student to polish their skills on the go.


SSC coaching institutes Jaipur

Mothers Education Hub

Mothers Education Hub run on this simple yet powerful philosophy. This coaching Institute is one among the swiftly expanding campus for competitive examinations in Rajasthan. The institution first appeared on the face of the earth in December 2011. However, within just six years of time, they have tackled a good lot of challenges.

The institute started off with a handful of students and a couple of chairs in a small room. Nevertheless today they have about nine branches spread throughout. The Institute proudly boasts about the 10,000 satisfied students whom they have trained to become triumphant in their journey through life. The institution is also popular for the batch of faculty members that they possess and the highest ethical standards that they run on.


SSC coaching institutes Jaipur


Devotion offers a comprehensive training program rather than a coaching program.  With over a couple of years’ experience in the field, Devotion holds an unmatched selection ratio in all the exams held. The highly qualified teachers and compulsory doubt clearing sessions have earned this institute the trust of many candidates.

The institute takes candidates for absolute beginners and trains them right from scratch to become successful in their career choice. The personality development sessions that this campus hold is a must-attend session that none of the candidates should ever miss.


SSC coaching institutes Jaipur

Sterling Education

Sterling Education is yet another professional training institute for competitive exams in the state of Rajasthan.  At Sterling, completion of the syllabus is secondary and clarity of concepts comes first. The institute guarantees to build robust concepts out of every topic. Furthermore, their unique way of teaching is something that makes every student wants to choose this campus for SSC coaching.

Student satisfaction is the institution’s main aim. They mould every candidate into a perfect employee who masters in time management. Furthermore, the institute offers services at a reasonable fee and makes online mock test facilities available to every student.


SSC coaching institutes Jaipur

Power Mind Institute

Power Mind Institute surely has things set in their mind to provide complete student satisfaction. The scientific method of teaching that they adapt to make them have to commit 16+ hours daily. Moreover, the daily and weekly test series that they offer help student ease their way through the SSC exam.

Study materials are updated every year to meet the pattern of examination. To top it off, they even provide a free library facility from 6 AM to 10 PM every day.


Now that you know all about the top five Institutes that offer SSC coaching in Jaipur, it’s up to you to choose which campus you want to opt. Once you enrol yourself in any of the above-mentioned institutes your future is in safe hands.

Always keep in mind that SSC opens the door to a wide lot of career opportunities. If you dream to be a gazette officer someday, then SSC exam is your one step solution. Thus, it is important that you adapt to the best studying methodologies available to score a good percentile.

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