SSC or Staff Selection Commission, is undeniably one of the top-notch choices in careers that Indians dream to pursue. The honour and prestige that are associated with having a government job have motivated hundreds of thousands of Indians to follow this career path and still continues to do so. Read on our article for SSC Coaching Institutes in trivandrum

Now, the SSC examination is said to be one of the most difficult and premiere tests conducted in India. Cracking this test is something like aiming for the stars. Although it might seem to be a task that is near impossible to achieve for many, with the correct training and guidance, cracking this examination is also very much possible. But for that purpose, it is important to register with any of the best SSC training centres to avail accurate and effective coaching.

There are many learning institutes that offer SSC coaching in Trivandrum. In this article, we shall get to know about the 5 best institutes among all of them.

Top 5 SSC Coaching Institutes in Trivandrum

First in the list of SSC Coaching Institutes in trivandrum is

Mahendra Educational Private Limited

Mahendra Educational Pvt. Ltd. institute was established in the year 1995 and Mr. Naveen Kumar Jain is the current Managing Director of this premiere learning centre. Since its inception, this training centre has been constantly creating successive batches of successful SSC candidates with high scores. The tagline of Mahendra Educational Private Limited for SSC coaching in Trivandrumsays all about their vision and mission – “Your Success is our Success”.

This training institute has come up with SSC training techniques that effectively explore every student’s minds to offer them with that boost of confidence. Their confidence is evident from the amazing scores that they fetch every year. The maximum advantage of registering with Mahendra’s SSC coaching is the easy access to smart labs for practice tests and mock exams. Apart from conducting regular tests, the worksheets, class assessments, as well as the speed tests, go a long way in shaping successful candidates.

For the advantage of all registered candidates, individual attention is offered and joint problem-solving classes are also held regularly. Mahendra’s Institute is all about helping the students to move towards success with a comprehensive coaching methodology.


Second in the list of SSC Coaching Institutes in trivandrum is

Race Bank and SSC Exam Coaching Institute

Race Coaching Institute is one of the most sought-after centres for SSC training, apart from its SSC and Banking exam coaching. This institute stands for nothing but excellence when it comes to education. It was established way back in the year 2012 and has consistently been a glorious and flourishing centre of training for aspirants of IAS, SSC, and other examinations.

This SSC coaching centre has churned out more than 37000 successful students in not only SSC examination but also several other competitive exams. They have got some of the most well-planned training courses for various exams conducted in India like IAS, SSC, Banking, and others.   Upon registering with Race Coaching Institute, the students gain full access to a state-of-the-art computerized lab, an amazing library, a lab where they can practice for their exams and obviously regular classroom training sessions too.

The mentors here always make it a point that every student gets access to their all-inclusive study material which is necessary to develop their knowledge. Also, mock online tests at regular intervals and sessions to solve problems jointly are also conducted for their benefit. Students are encouraged to participate in such sessions which automatically boost their confidence to face the SSC examination and sail through it.


Third in the list of SSC Coaching Institutes in trivandrum is

Caps Coaching Centre

One of the best places where you can expect the highest quality of SSC coaching in Trivandrum is from CAPS Coaching Centre. The chief person behind this excellent SSC training centre is Mr. J.  Vijayamohan. Having a rich and extensive experience in imparting quality education for over 40 years, Mr. Vijayamohan is the Director of Caps Coaching Centre. His effective and remarkable training aptitude and his competency to keep up with the varying trends of SSC examination have helped hundreds of aspiring candidates every year.

This training centre is reckoned as one of the best SSC guidance institutes all over the state. It also offers equally efficient mentoring for all other competitive examinations in India, like SSC, Banking, PSC, and others. Students enrolling with Caps Coaching Centre can look forward to a steady and brilliant path in their career with accurate guidance from the team of faculty members here.

Caps Coaching centre offers complete study materials and conducts regular classroom training. Candidates are admitted throughout the year and regular online mock tests are also conducted to evaluate the performance of the candidates step by step. Attention to individual students is also provided to make sure that the learning process is easy for all.


Fourth in the list of SSC Coaching Institutes in trivandrum is

DOTS Academy

DOTS or Development Of Thoughts is one of the most well-known centres offering SSC training in the city. Apart from SSC, candidates seeking training for other competitive exams like IAS or Banking or PSC can also enroll here. This institute was established in the year 2014. But excellence in training and commitment to imparting quality education made this young institute secure excellent reputation and goodwill.

The brains behind the DOTS Academy had noticed a serious lack of committed training centres to cater to the needs of aspiring candidates for IAS and SSC and other tests. Some of the best mentors from reputable institutes have come over to DOTS Academy to share the same vision and mission of delivering excellence in training. These members of the faculty make sure that the quality of education is never compromised.

They are updated with the prevalent trends of exams and their patterns and employ the smartest of tips and guidance to easily convey it to the candidates for their benefit. DOTS Academy encourages students to dream big and aim towards success.


Fifth in the list of SSC Coaching Institutes in trivandrum is

SSC Coaching Institutes in trivandrumIgnite SSC Academy

Ignite SSC Academy was founded back in the year 2016 as a small set up offering guidance to a handful of students. From its humble roots, this institute has now expanded and grown to be reckoned as one of the top centres offering the best SSC coaching training in the country.

This SSC training institute conducts batches of classroom training with a limited number of students in each batch. This is because they believe in imparting the finest level of education and training to aspiring candidates. It makes sure that every student gain equal attention of the mentors so that they can derive maximum benefit from the training. Several successful SSC candidates have strengthened the goodwill of this institute over the past 2 years.

With its team of experienced mentors, Ignite SSC Academy has designed the most scientific approach to offer SSC training to students. And they keep themselves updated and dynamic enough to accommodate the changing patterns of the SSC exam to offer the most holistic guidance to aspiring candidates.


A career as an government employee in our country comes with unmatched dignity and is indeed rewarding, to say the least. To serve at one of these prestigious positions, cracking the IAS written test is mandatory, followed by the personal interview round.

The top training centres for SSC guide the aspiring candidates with the fluctuating patterns of this extremely tough examination. They also offer comprehensive mentoring to boost the confidence of the students, so that they can sail through this test. Learning smart techniques to tackle difficult questions is imperative to fetch an impressive score in the SSC exam, for which the best SSC training centres play a crucial role.

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