Handling Relationship and Career together- The synchrony that needs to happen

Handling Relationship and Career together

In his recent Video, Bobby D’souza tries to shine light on the rising need of keeping a balance between Relationship and Career. The world with its rapid pace seems to be neglecting on the need on embracing relationship and basic humanity.

The video is a brief outlook on  ‘how to handle your relationship & Career problem’ especially during your move from college days to that first job placement. This video is very valid also for any relationships, working couple, partners, friends & more.

Through the video you will learn Bob’s technique of ‘Powerr of SPACE & PAUSE’ in managing these challenges effectively without sacrificing ‘ Relationship ‘ or ‘Career’.

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About Bobby Dsouza:

He is a keynote- motivational speaker, Leadership Trainer, coach, a budding writer & musician.You can check out his work

@ www.bobbydsouza.com /

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Bobby Dsouza is a Key note, motivational speaker, Writer, facilitator, corporate Trainer & a budding artist in song composition with a taste for music & dramatics .he has trained 12,670 plus people across India till date including 3000 students.