People take internships for variety of reasons. Some simply do it for the purpose of learning, some do it for earning some pocket money and a lot of people take up internships with the hopes of turning it into a full time opportunity. While working hardly and smartly is the way to go when you intend to go from an intern to an employee, there are several other things that can help you with the same and increase your chances at being successful.


Understand the field test and crack it –

Field test is any major responsibility that your senior might give you and is closely related to the position you are looking for. These responsibilities are provided by your manager with the aim of testing your skills and handling real-life situations. Try to understand what work provided to you is your field test and make sure you excel in the work given.


Look for the right signs –

One of the best ways to know whether you are moving in the right direction is by looking at how your colleagues and boss interact with you. Does your boss value your work so much that he/she looks asks for suggestions from your on important matters? Are your colleagues liking your work so much that they are saying good words about you on professional platforms like Linkedin or offline among themselves. If you see this happening, you can be more assured of your internship turning into a full time job.


Try to come up with solutions instead of reporting problems

You need to work on the way you deal with your workplace situations. Focus on finding solutions to the problems you or your company might be facing instead of constantly reporting problems. A problem solver is mostly a definite full-time hire.


Choose the company and department carefully

While having a full time job is a lot about what you do, external factors matter equally. Looking for companies that are doing well, are in good shape, and aim to grow and hire are always a better choice because these companies actually ‘need’to hire to grow. The same goes for selection of department in the company you might be finding a full-time opportunity in.


Take on extra responsibilities

Internships can sometime be a challenging affair. But if you take on additional responsibilities than what was mentioned in your pre-working job description , you will leave a good impression, that doesn’t guarantee a full-time opportunity but definitely raises your chances.


You are enthusiastic about the company and work

A majority of times, employers are looking for people genuinely interested in the company and the work it is doing. While you can’t control the competition in terms of quality of the work other interns are putting up. You can definitely have an edge by showing your employers the excitement and enthusiasm you have about the company.

Furthermore, if you understand the fact that even small contributions you make help the company in some way or the other and ties with the big picture of the company, believe that you are on the right path.


Look for the social gestures

Are you being invited to party by your colleagues? Are you being asked to be an active part of fun interactions in the company? While a lot of factors can be attributed towards this happening to you. You can be cheerful that this might actually be a good sign for turning into a full time hire.

The most important thing is whether you learn something from an internship or not. Even if you don’t end up having a full time role, make sure your learning are enough to compensate for everything else.



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