Search giant Google and the professional service firm KPMG recently conducted a survey on e-education market in India. Most Noteworthy results of the report was how online education in India would reach to worth $1.96 billion by 2021. So this would mean that e-education would hike to almost eight times to its current nature. In recent times, online education has started gaining popularity in a huge way and therefore students acquiring e-education has also increased.

Online education

source: aibworld

The Basis of the figure

The figures derived was on the basis of number of students searching online for e courses. The results thereby showed that since last two years, there has been two times growth in online searches for education. As much as 44 per cent of education-related searches came from beyond the top six metros.

“The online education segment is set to become a multi- billion-dollar opportunity in India. There are many factors driving this growth including the perceived convenience, increased reach and personalization offered by online channels,” Google India Industry Director Nitin Bawankule said addressing the survey results

YouTube alone had four times growth in education content viewership last year alone. More and More students are seeking course content over digital platform. This establishes that online education is gaining its momentum. In the online education space, reskilling and online certification segment is currently the largest.

Online education

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The primary researches covered by 3,600 respondents over 27 cities.The number of paid users showed an increase from 1.6 million to 9.6 million over the last two years.

The report identified five major categories of online education. Primary and secondary supplemental education, higher education, test preparation, reskilling and online certifications, and language and casual learning. As of now, reskilling and certification courses account for a major part of the online education market with a share of 38%.




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