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Choosing the right B-school

An MBA degree is still a coveted thing but the nature of the course has undergone huge change. There are various specialised courses, placements have new patterns and much more. So it is important to choose the right business school....

/ July 30, 2015

Opting MBA Schools if you score less in entrance tests?

In today’s world, this rat race of highest scores, aiming for the top b-school is drastically disrupted due to the ever increasing population and demand for higher intelligence. But this should not discourage any student from not pursuing the degree,...

/ July 29, 2015

Tips to score well in CET

CET requires months of preparation and hard work. But slipping on a few things will make all your efforts futile. Learn how to approach the CET to make the cut to the best B school. Go on and read all...

/ July 29, 2015

Guide to clear NMAT

NMAT is undertaken by the students who wish to get admission in NMIMS. It is a computer-based exam and students can choose their choice of dates from those made available. This exam also requires students to be very clear on...

/ July 29, 2015
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Why go for a residential MBA program

MBA is a degree which almost everyone today wants to pursue to further their career. You can specialise in N number of fields. But are you confused about whether to pursue a residential MBA course or non-residential? There are a...

/ July 28, 2015

The role of GMAT scores in MBA admissions

Ever wondered the hype around GMAT while applying for MBA. role of GMAT is  very vital in categorizing the best colleges for MBA based on your score across the globe. Best universities such as Harvard, IIM etc. accept GMAT scores...

/ July 28, 2015