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How college clubs add value to students in an engineering college

College Clubs

Various College Clubs are the integral part of any engineering college. Starting from academic clubs to interest clubs, hobby clubs, and the range is quite huge. Several distinguished features of these clubs lead to growth and development of any student, and that’s what makes them a major part of an engineer’s life. College Clubs are […]

Scholarships for Engineering Students.

Engineering is a field which offers myriad opportunities to students who are pursuing the field in different sectors. The scope for growth and success is humungous as engineers are needed worldwide to take on projects which are challenging. If you wish to set your career as an engineer then there are many different scholarships which […]

Sports in engineering colleges

Engineering colleges are known to be highly  participative in sports events. The reason being that physical activities helps maintain a healthy stature of the mind and the body resulting in better performance in academics.Go on and read our article about Sports in engineering colleges . Sports in engineering colleges Indian colleges have always encouraged sports. Physical […]

Cultural life at engineering colleges

Cultural life in engineering colleges is quite alluring. The student’s body and the academic council is highly active in hosting cultural events that boost both physical and mental growth of a student beyond academics. Cultural life in engineering colleges   Engineering colleges are known to have the most happening cultural lives. They host the best […]

Industry Partnership Programs that you can benefit from

Engineering students can benefit immensely from the industrial partnership programs that run in the college. They can become a part of such programs and get hands-on experience. Besides, they also stand a chance to gain scholarships. You must have often read about the carious Industrial Partnership Programs an institute or college has in their brochures. […]

Extra Curricular activities for Engineering students

Extra-curricular activities are a part of all engineering colleges in India. Without them life would too dull. So students have a variety of options to pick from.                          Engineering colleges in India are known for the hard work they expect the students to put in to get that degree. While life at an engineering college […]

What to expect from innovation clubs in engineering colleges

Engineering innovation clubs are a medium for students to improve on existing technologies or create new ones which can even be patented. It also means application of inventions and discoveries.go on and read our article on Clubs in engineering colleges Clubs in engineering colleges   Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field where one not just learns about […]

Experience the best hostel life at these engineering colleges

In order to encourage innovation adequately, Entrepreneurship development cells (EDCs) play a major role in any reputed engineering college. It acts as an interface between the industry and the academic world, so that the both of them can be mutually benefited by their respective practices. Go on and read the full article on  hostel life […]

Four years as an engineering student

Engineering students spend four years studying their chosen course hoping to make a brilliant career. Those four years are full of studies, activities, and even life lessons. They make you the person you will be for the rest of your whole life. Go on and read our article about Four years as an engineering student Four […]

How to ensure you get paid for your worth?

Use these points to assess your worth. So the next time you appear for an interview, you know what you are asking for and are sure you are totally worth it. Remember you should never feel guilty for asking for what you’re worth (only if you know it). Go on and read our article about […]

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