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Rajesh Aggarwal answers everything you ever wanted to know about sales job

“Success depends more on Attitude rather than Talent ” – says Rajesh Aggarwal who is the founder of Rebirth Academy. With people following his advice in 150+ countries, he is one of India’s leading motivational coach. From writing books to holding sessions in the corporate world and schools, he helps people lead better lives by […]

How Startup Delhi makes life easier for entrepreneurs through its community

Abhishek Kumar Gupta is the founder and Community head of the Facebook community Startup Delhi. It was started in September last year as a platform to help like minded people connect with each and help each through sharing of resources and knowledge. The community reaches 37,000+ people and has successfully become a place where people look for jobs […]

How these guys are rocking the F1 racing world right from their college

Imagine being a part of F1 racing team right from your college. Well if you are a DTU student, achieving that dream might not be that difficult. Team Defianz Racing is an international student project being run by the Delhi Technological University since 2003 consisting of 30 member group of extraordinarily talented student. Over a […]

This guy raised 50 lakhs in sponsorship, here is how you can do it too

Nalin was the cultural secretary DTU where he led a team of 300 students that raised 50 lakh in sponsorship for the college’s cultural fest. Currently, adviser to the cultural secretary, Nalin shares the secrets to raising funds and making a successful event. What according to you is the role of a cultural secretary? Well, […]

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