Could Artificial Intelligence Be Dangerous For Human Race??

Can AI be Dangerous to Human Race

Artificial intelligence is the thinking power that digital computers and such devices have. As we humans have our intelligence in similar way computers they have artificial intelligence But they are not dangerous.

We know that John McCarthy is the father of Artificial Intelligence. He was able to invent artificial intelligence by adding several developments in the Logic Theorist which are not dangerous. It was designed by Newell and Simon?

Artificial Intelligence is progressing rapidly for human. With intelligent machines enabling high-level cognitive processes like thinking, perceiving, learning. problem-solving and also decision making to assist in data collection, aggregation, analytics, computer processing power. AI presents opportunities to supplement the human race and enrich the way people live and work.

But Initiating common sense, reasoning and problem-solving power in machines is a difficult and tedious approach. Learning without any kind of support and guidance requires an ability to identify patterns in streams of inputs. Whereas learning with adequate supervision involves classification and numerical regressions. It consists of various channels to convey the available resources that are dangerous to the human race. Rather than this, it may contain many obstacles and resources for the mapping of components to AI.

Classification determines the category an object belongs to and regression obtains a set of numerical input or output examples. It involves the generation of suitable outputs from respective inputs. Mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithms and their performance is a well-defined branch of theoretical computer science referred to as computational learning theory. Computer vision is the power to analyze visual inputs with a few problems such as facial, object and gesture recognition. Robotics is a major field related to AI. Robots require intelligence to verify tasks like object manipulation along with problems of localization, motion planning and mapping.

How can AI be dangerous

1. Weaponized Programming

We heard that AI is being used by the security forces of various countries, with the help of which they are creating robot soldiers who will fight for them during wartime. But the most significant risk is that those robots are designed to shoot enemies for which they are also provided with weapons. But in this case, if even a single set of those robots get wrong, then they can even start shooting their forces creating dangerous obstacles to the human race.

2. Social Control

AI is targeting our privacy in an all-new way with which we are not even able to imagine that our privacy is in danger. With the help of social media, AI can know several things about us, in which there are our interests and many more such things. Through which we are being targeted with marketing strategies. We are forced to buy a thing that we like that may be dangerous with the help of those marketing and psychological strategies.

3. Privacy Invasion

I don’t know why we become threatening while using social media and other such things, where we are openly sharing several personal details about us. All these things are being caught up with the help of AI. Hence the companies or organizations behind it can track us and our every move online easily. Hence the collected data about a particular person is being used in several ways, which is also a risk factor of AI.

4. Higher Intelligence

As we have mentioned above that AI has enormous potential. Which can be used for several good things, but being a product with a higher potential, it becomes tough to control it. You might have heard about it that once Facebook created two AI programs, which started chatting with each other, as it became out of control.

5. Wrong Deeds

Once someone got access to any AI program and if they programmed it to do something wrong, then no one would be able to control it. Although we are saying that AI is highly potential, helpful and knowledgeable. we forget that it’s programmable and can be used to do any work.

AI development it can be Dangerous to the human race

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