5 Things You Can Do to Make This Year at College Better Than Last Year

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If you’re raring to go back to college and this year you want to make sure that you have a better year than last year, then consider doing some of the below to achieve this.

Start Something New

Have you ever considered starting something new such as a business, a club, a conference or a comedy group? There are quite a few reasons why your college years are the best time to start something new. First of all, you will have access to lots of resources such as free equipment i.e iPads and cameras, as well as discounts towards other resources on campus.

The second reason why it is worth starting something new whilst you are at college is that by starting something new you will learn how to project manage. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s easy to manage people, so if you are able to get some experience of this whilst at college, you’ll find that you will have better leadership skills when you eventually start work.

The final reason is that you will be able to leave behind a legacy. Imagine how great it will feel knowing that it was you that created something that can be enjoyed by others at your college, once you graduate and leave. 

Work Experience 

College is a great time to obtain work experience. Rather than doing the same summer job every year, consider getting new work experiences. The reason why it’s worth doing this now is that once you graduate, it won’t look good if you keep swapping jobs every few months. During your college years, however, it’s perfectly acceptable to keep changing jobs. In fact, during this part of your life, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn what you are good at as well as what you’re not so good at. If you get lots of different work experience whilst at college, you might be able to figure out what job suits you once you graduate.

Learn a Practical Skill

You may be studying a subject at college that you may not necessarily use when you start working. This does not mean you shouldn’t study the subject that you’re studying, as it may be something that you enjoy, but bear in mind that your chosen subject may not teach you a skill that you may require in future life. In fact, you may have already taken a class such as graphic design for fun so don’t be surprised if this is what you find most useful when you enter the world of work. If you haven’t already started learning a practical skill, then it could be something to consider as a sideline. Consider taking up a skill that provides you with graphic design skills, essay writing skills in case you want to become a part of essay writers in the future to work with professional writing companies like AdvancedWriters, or computer science skills, as these practical skills may help you in your future career.

New Adventure

Once you have graduated from college, you’ll soon find that there’s no such thing as a summer break that also goes for winter breaks. For this reason, it’s worth making sure that you take some time whilst at college to experience a new adventure. For instance, you could consider studying abroad for a term or alternatively head out on a road trip with a group of friends. It’s worth making sure that this year is the year you take the time out for a new adventure as not only does it give you time to relax, you may also discover something about yourself that you didn’t previously realize.

Cold Emails

A really great way to get to meet the people that you look up to is by sending them a cold email. Surprisingly, it’s not that tough to find email addresses if you spend some time looking for them. When you’ve managed to find the email address you are looking for, consider the fact that the email you send could have a huge impact on your future career. As a college student, you will probably have an .edu address and this is something that you need to exploit as it shows that you are studying and it’s more likely that others will want to help you. What is important, however, is that when you email someone for advice, make sure your email is not only professional, but it also contains a personal touch.

If it’s your last year at college and you’re not far off from graduating, take advantage of what time you have left and do things this year that you may not have done last year. Make sure you enjoy this year at college and make it better than last year because before you know it,  it will all be over.