30 Days Study Plan for CAT

30 Days Study Plan for CAT

If you are a CAT Aspriant and want to know the 30 Days Study Plan for CAT? Here we discuss some points that help in your CAT Preparation. With just 30 days remaining, you may be wondering how to prepare for CAT in a balanced way. It is crucial to revise the basics and practice sectional tests and mock exams. Many students avoid mocks and sectionals due to fear of poor performance, but it is important to remember that CAT is a time-bound test.

Therefore, 50% of your efforts in the next four weeks should be dedicated to writing sectionals/mocks, while the remaining 50% should be focused on practising questions from different areas to ensure you have a strong foundation in all topics that will help in your 30 Days Study Plan for CAT.

Here are some guidelines for the next four weeks:

  1. Study for at least 8 hours a day.
  2. Dedicate 2-3 hours to writing a mock or three sectional tests – one each from Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Ability.
  3. Analyze the mocks and sectionals on the same day to learn from your mistakes while the test is still fresh in your memory.
  4. Attempt at least two mocks per week, but you can increase this number based on your readiness and willingness to take tests. Consider writing a mock every alternate day.
  5. On days you are not writing mocks, practice with at least two sectional tests. Essentially, aim to write a mock or one to two sectionals every day.
  6. If you feel unprepared to take multiple mocks, write at least one sectional test every alternate day.
  7. Dedicate the other 50% of your effort to practicing questions from past CAT papers (CAT 1990 to CAT 2008 and CAT 2017) and past year mocks or other study materials. Note that only the mentioned CAT papers were officially released, so be cautious of sources claiming to have papers from 2009 to 2016.
  8. Maintain a notebook to jot down important formulas, tricks, and new vocabulary encountered while solving practice material. This will help you avoid repeating mistakes and retain knowledge.
  9. If you have a weak section, dedicate 50% of your effort to improving in that area. Analyze every question you solve to avoid careless errors and develop the ability to identify easier questions in a set of difficult ones.

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