4 Things To Do for 100 Percentile in CAT 2022

4 things to do for 100 Percentile in CAT 2022

4 Things To Do for 100 Percentile in CAT 2022- If your dream is to achieve the 100 percentile in CAT 2022, you will need a solid strategy. In the next few months, many of you will be appearing for CAT-2022. Some of you may feel confident and on track, while others may feel overwhelmed. Most of you will fall somewhere in between. So, what should you be doing in the next two months to ensure you’re prepared for the exam?

Here are four things you should focus on:

1st Thing to do: Stop searching for more material

Having a lot of study material won’t necessarily help you. Instead, focus on what you have and be systematic in your approach. Complete your work diligently and optimize your learning from the resources you already possess. Make a list of all the topics, identify your strong and weak areas, and base your exam strategy around your strengths. Allocate some time to work on your weaknesses as well.

2nd Thing to do: Take Mock CATs regularly

Even if you don’t perform well in Mock CATs, don’t skip them. Take these tests regularly and analyze each one to understand how you can improve. Set a target of increasing your attempt by 3 to 5 questions with each test. Develop focus and concentration during these tests, ignoring distractions around you.

3rd Thing to do: Practice RCs and LR/DI sets regularly

To improve in Reading Comprehension (RC) and Logical Reasoning/Data Interpretation (LR/DI), regular practice is crucial. Solve practice sets and RCs daily, and don’t skip them. If you want more challenging sets, search online for papers from various coaching institutes. Solve them and learn from your mistakes.

4th Thing to do: Exercise

Physical fitness is important for a 3-hour exam like a CAT. Don’t neglect exercise, especially yoga, to ensure you are physically prepared for the exam. Skipping exercise may negatively impact your performance on the day of the exam.

These are the 4 key things to do for 100 Percentile in CAT 2022 that you should be doing right now to improve your CAT preparation. Keep these tips in mind and stay focused. Good luck!

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