CAT 2022 Strategy Guide

CAT 2022 Strategy Guide

The CAT-2022 Strategy Guide season is reaching its final months, and the excitement and anticipation during this time is comparable to that of a television series finale. What can you expect for the season’s finale? Will it be a dream come true or a disappointment? Will you be able to take your preparation to the next level, or will you have to wait for another year? With a positive attitude, hard work, and the right guidance, you can definitely elevate your preparation and achieve your goals. That’s where our CAT 2022 Strategy Guide comes in. Taking just 5-10 minutes of your time, we provide valuable tips and advice to help you refine your test preparation strategy.

Let’s start with today’s tip: What should you study at this stage?

Ideally, by this stage, you should have already completed the first round of concept building. If that’s the case, all you need to do is prepare a comprehensive list of topics and arrange them in the order you wish to revise them.

However, if you haven’t covered all the concepts yet, you need to be strategic in your preparation. Select a list of topics that you will focus on in the next 30 to 40 days and complete the concepts for these topics. Keep in mind the following:

– Don’t try to cover all topics in depth. It’s not possible to explore every topic extensively.
– Make sure to have a basic understanding of most topics.

Let’s consider an example. Student A is weak in geometry and struggles with its concepts. With two months to go and limited knowledge of the topic, what should he do? He needs to think rationally about the benefits and drawbacks of focusing on this topic. Can he achieve mastery over it within this time frame? Will covering the basic concepts be sufficient? Should he instead use the same time to strengthen his knowledge in Number System and Algebra, which are his strong topics?

For those facing similar challenges, the best approach is to maximize your potential in your strong areas. These are the topics you can rely on during the exam and will help you excel. So, the action plan should be based on maximizing your score in your strengths.

But what if you have only covered a minimum amount of the syllabus at this stage? Unfortunately, you will have to buckle down and cover at least seventy percent of the syllabus. There’s no way around it in this situation. Prepare a roadmap and stick to it.

Another key point is sticking to your plan. It’s crucial to develop a holistic CAT strategy that covers all aspects of the exam. Once you have a plan, stick to it. Avoid the tendency to constantly change plans, which usually happens for two reasons: setting unrealistic targets or procrastinating. Aspiring managers need to demonstrate effective planning and execution, and the same applies to your CAT preparation.

When it comes to Reading comprehension (RCs), there’s no alternative but to practice intensively. This is an area that requires brute force practice, with no shortcuts or strategies to escape the hours of hard work needed.

To summarize the key learnings from this guide:
– Understand that you can’t cover all topics with the same level of proficiency. Focus on the topics that require extra attention.
– Create a plan and stick to it.
– Intensive practice is essential for improving Reading Comprehensions.

This completes the first article in our series, with 59 more articles to follow. Stay tuned for more valuable content. Happy learning!

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