How to Approach CAT Quantitative Aptitude in the Next few Months?

How to Approach CAT Quantitative Aptitude in the Next few Months

How to approach CAT Quantitative Aptitude in the next few months? When preparing for CAT Quantitative Aptitude, it is important to have a strategic approach. Here are some tips to help you plan your preparation:

1. Familiarize yourself with the topics: Begin by understanding the list of topics that are included in the CAT exam. These topics include Number System, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Permutation & Combination/Probability, and Miscellaneous Topics.

2. Analyze the exam trends: Look at the previous year’s CAT exams to understand the pattern and breakdown of the Quantitative Aptitude section. This analysis will help you identify which topics are more important and require more emphasis in your preparation.

3. Cover basic concepts: Make sure you have a strong foundation in the basic concepts of each topic. Even if you are not comfortable with a particular topic, studying the basic concepts will enable you to attempt easier questions from that topic.

4. Solve previous year CAT questions: It is highly recommended to solve previous year CAT questions as they provide valuable practice and help you understand the type of questions that appear in the exam. Solve these questions topic-wise to focus on specific areas.

5. Utilize answer options: Whenever possible, use the answer options to solve questions. This can help you save time and focus on your weaker areas.

6. Focus on Arithmetic: Despite not appearing frequently in the CAT exam, Arithmetic is still an important topic to cover as it has applications in Data Interpretation. Use books by Abhijit Guha and RS Agarwal to study this topic.

7. Adopt a planned approach: Create a schedule that divides your preparation into concept stage and practice stage. Allocate sufficient time to each topic in a phase-wise manner.

8. Solve timed topic tests: Take timed tests for specific topics to evaluate your understanding and time management skills for each area.

9. Avoid relying too much on shortcuts and formulas: While shortcuts and formulas can be helpful, do not get carried away by them. Focus on conceptual clarity rather than memorizing obscure formulas.

10. Create a pocket diary for your learning: Jot down important tricks and concept explanations in a small diary to review and revise them regularly.

Remember, each individual has different strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to create a personalized study schedule that suits your needs. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and allocate time accordingly to each topic.

Following these tips will help you approach CAT Quantitative Aptitude effectively and improve your chances of success.

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