How to Prepare for CAT without Coaching [UPDATED]


While preparing for CAT without coaching may be a good idea, it may not be the best decision for first-time CAT aspirants. This article will be divided into four sections: who should prepare for CAT without coaching, why one should prepare for CAT without coaching, why one should not prepare for CAT without coaching, and how to prepare for CAT without coaching.

Who Should Prepare for CAT without Coaching?

When I refer to coaching, I am specifically referring to full-time classroom involvement, whether offline or online. This does not include purchasing test series or enrolling in online courses, as those do not require full-time commitment. CAT preparation without coaching is a good option for those who:

  • Have already prepared for CAT once with full-time classroom assistance
  • Are familiar with the complexity of the exam and know what to expect
  • Have a solid understanding of the basic concepts
  • Do not require personalized doubt-solving on a regular basis
  • Are capable of effectively utilizing free online resources

As someone who has mentored over 3000 students in the past seven years, I can confidently say that CAT is not an inherently difficult exam. It is, however, highly competitive, and in order to have a chance at securing a seat in a top college, you need to perform exceptionally well. Students who have already undergone full-time classroom preparation should not waste their money on expensive coaching programs. Seeking personal assistance may hinder self-learning, so it is advisable for these students to create a preparation plan that suits their schedule and constraints.

Furthermore, students who are resourceful enough to effectively use free resources should not join any full-time coaching program. There is an abundance of free content available that, if utilized properly, can be more than sufficient for CAT preparation. However, students must have a good understanding of what is relevant to their preparation and what is not.

Why Should You Prepare for CAT without Coaching?

CAT coaching has become increasingly expensive, regardless of the city you are in. The cost can range anywhere from 35,000 to 70,000 rupees, not including additional expenses like transportation and opportunity costs. When you consider the abundance and quality of online resources available as alternatives to classroom content, it makes sense to avoid expensive coaching.

Enrolling in CAT coaching for a second time is not effective, as CAT institutes do not update their content every year. If you re-enroll in a full-time program, you are likely to learn the same material from the same instructors in the same manner, which does not provide much added value.

If you explore the online space, you will find numerous free CAT resources that surpass the quality of much of the classroom content. If you know how to effectively use these free resources, preparing for CAT without coaching is an excellent idea.

Self-preparation encourages independent thinking, which is crucial as you will be taking the CAT exam without anyone guiding you. There will be no assistance or spoon-feeding, so you must be capable of thinking on your own. Relying too heavily on coaching can hinder your own thinking process. Students become accustomed to seeking assistance from teachers to the point that they can no longer think independently. This is a significant barrier, especially in an unpredictable and undefined exam like CAT.

These are the main reasons why one should prepare for CAT without coaching.

How to Prepare for CAT without Coaching?

To prepare for CAT without coaching, you should:

  • Purchase the right books or opt for a reputable online course that covers all topics in depth
  • Access relevant free resources that can be found online
  • Join a few WhatsApp and/or Facebook groups to stay updated and connect with other CAT aspirants
  • Address your weaknesses by enrolling in online courses that specifically target those areas
  • Join at least two test series to develop the right balance between speed and accuracy

By following these steps, you should be able to effectively prepare for CAT without coaching.

After discussing the advantages of preparing for CAT without coaching, it is important to acknowledge that it may not be a suitable option for everyone. CAT preparation without coaching may not be a good idea if:

  • You are incapable of self-learning
  • You lack discipline and cannot commit to regular study sessions
  • You require personalized mentoring and motivation to stay on track

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