What Kind Of Certifications One Could Do For Data Science?

data science certifications

Data science is a sea and pieces of specific surges of it are confined as the syllabus for various degrees of educations in undergraduate and graduate programs. So, what are the data science certifications one can do?

9 Best Data Science Certification Programs

Being an ensured data science gives a professional a particular edge among the opposition. It is a chance to learn data science. In the event that you’re as yet a graduate, and afterward, unhesitatingly advance into the tremendous domains of data science. Therefore, to help with your motivation, we have picked 9 best data science certification programs worth considering:

SAS Certified: Advanced Analytics Professional

This program covers-

  • machine learning
  • predictive modeling techniques
  • working with big data sets
  • discovering designs
  • optimizing data techniques
  • time arrangement gauging

The certification program comprises of nine courses and three tests that you’ll need to go to win the assignment. Therefore, you’ll require in any event a half year of programming involvement with SAS or another language. Likewise, it’s suggested that you have at any rate a half year of experience using mathematics or statistics in a business setting.

SAS Certified: Big Data Professional

The SAS Big Data certification incorporates two modules with a sum of nine courses. You’ll have to breeze through two tests to gain the assignment. The course covers-

  • SAS programming skills,
  • working with data,
  • improving data quality,
  • communication skills,
  • essentials of statistics and analytics,
  • data representation, and,
  • famous data instruments, for example, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, and SAS.

To fit the bill for the test, you’ll need at any rate a half year of programming involvement with SAS or another language.

SAS Certified: Data Scientist

The SAS Certified Data Scientist certification is a combination of two other data certification programs which covers-

  • programming skills,
  • overseeing and improving data,
  • changing, getting to and controlling data and
  • how to function with well-known data perception devices.

When you acquire both the Big Data Professional and Advance Analytics Professional certifications, you can meet all requirements to gain your SAS Certified Data Scientist assignment. You’ll have to finish each of the 18 courses and breeze through the five tests between the two separate certifications.

Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)

The Open Group Professional Certification Program for the Data Scientist Professional (Open CDS) is an encounter based certification with no conventional instructional classes or tests. You’ll start at level one as a Certified Data Scientist, then move to the next level where you’ll turn into a Master Certified Data Scientist, in conclusion, you can pass the third level to transform into a Distinguished Certified Data Scientist.
Certification requires a three-advance procedure that incorporates applying for the certification, finishing the experience application structure, and attending a board review.

Microsoft MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

MCSE certifications spread a wide assortment of IT claims to fame and aptitudes, including data science. For data science certifications, Microsoft offers two courses, one that centers around business applications, and another that centers around data the board and investigation.
Each course requires earlier certification under the MCSE Certification program, so you’ll need to ensure you check the prerequisites first.

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate

The Azure Data Scientist Associate certification from Microsoft centers your capacity to use machine learning to “train, assess and send models that take care of business issues,” as per Microsoft. Contender for the test is tried on machine learning, AI solutions, regular language processing, computer vision, and far-sighted investigation.
The test centers on characterizing and setting up the development environment, data displaying, include engineering and developing models.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate comprises of nine courses in data science: open-source instruments, data science philosophy, Python, Databases and SQL, data analysis, data visualization, AI, and a last applied data science capstone.

The course remembers hands-for ventures to assist you with building a portfolio to grandstand your data science abilities to potential managers.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS)

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS) affirmation program is intended for professionals with at least five years of involvement with a look into and investigation.

Therefore, it’s recommended that students have knowledge of databases, spreadsheets, statistical analysis, SPSS/SAS, R, quantitative methods, and the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and RDBMS.

The program incorporates five tracks that will speak to various up-and-comers each track has various prerequisites as far as degree-levels, work understanding, and pre-essentials to apply. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and more than five years of experience to be eligible for the track, while other tracks require a master’s degree or past certifications.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Principle Data Scientist (PDS)

The PDS program incorporates four tracks that intrigue to experts who are at better places in their data science vocation. To pursue this you’ll need at least 10-12 years of work experience and a master’s degree.


As it’s been said, no time like at this point! Data science is mushrooming at this moment, without any indications of dying down at any point in the near future. Along these lines, better make the most out of it now.
In case you’re somebody who likes to play with numbers and doesn’t get enough of doing calculations, equations, and that sort of stuff again and again…data science is hanging tight for you!
Here’s an ideal opportunity to wrap up the article. Furthermore, trusting that you’ll have increased a bit of something out of saving your time and exertion in experiencing the review. No? Not under any condition?
Tell us in the remarks to improve it.

data science certifications

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