Top 7 Data Science Institutes In Hyderabad

Data Science Institute in Hyderabad


Data science empowers organizations to process gigantic measures of organized and unstructured data to identify designs. This permits organizations to build efficiencies, oversee costs, distinguish new market openings, and lift their market advantage. Data science is the act of mining huge informational indexes of crude data, both organized and unstructured, to recognize examples and concentrate noteworthy knowledge from them. This is an interdisciplinary field, and the establishments of information science incorporate statistics, inference, software engineering, predictive analytics, AI/ML calculation advancement, and new advances to pick up insights from large information.
Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad!

The Following Are The List Of Top 7 Data Science Institutes In Hyderabad

Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad


360DigiTMG has a worldwide home office in the USA and Hyderabad is the headquarter in India. It is a leading Data Science Institute in Hyderabad, established in 2013 with the point of overcoming any barrier between industry desires and academia. With international accreditations from UTM, Malaysia (Top 5 colleges in Malaysia and positioned under top 100 in QS rankings) and City and Guilds, UK (150 years of age foundation in administration training), and IBM (industry innovation pioneer), 360DigiTMG brags of the world-class educational plan. Panasonic India Innovation Center, CareerEx, and Innodatatics use cases are included in the educational program to offer the best certifiable undertakings in the preparation educational program.

It provides a wide range of course. Firstly, Data Science with R and Python. Secondly, AI and Deep Learning. Thirdly, Advanced digital marketing using AI along with Certification of Big Data and Project Management

Data Science with R and Python
Duration – 6 months
Tools – Python, R, jupyter, PyTorch, pandas, TensorFlow, NumPy, Spyder, SciPy, Rstudio etc.
Eligibility – Firstly, computer skills. Secondly, analytical mindset. Thirdly, good in mathematics and algebra

Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad

Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is an expert Data Science Institute in Hyderabad concentrated on overcoming any barrier between industry and the academic world by offering ensured industry-supported courses in Data Science and Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Finance Courses, Business Analysis, PG Programs in Data Analytics and Wealth Management. It provides three types of courses. Firstly, Certification. Secondly, Prodegree and finally, PG Program.

Pro degree
Data Science Prodegree
Firstly, it includes statistics and data science with R. Secondly, data science with Python. Thirdly, SQL and tableau.
Mode – Classroom/Online Instructor-led
Duration – 120-150 hrs
Knowledge Partner – KPMG
Placement – Assistance

PG Program
Post Graduate Program In Data Analytics

Firstly, it includes SQL, probability, and statistics. Secondly, data science with R/Python along with Big Data, Hadoop, and Spark. Thirdly, data visualization with Tableau and PowerBI and finally, placement preparation and a capstone project.
Mode – Classroom
Duration – 24 weeks
Placement Partners – Honeywell, Genpact, Mu Sigma, ninjacart, Incture technologies, Medlife, Cognizant, Concentrix, Tripod, etc. and many more.

Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad

Social Prachar

This Data Science Institute in Hyderabad has two training centers- firstly, in Hyderabad and secondly, in Bengaluru. SocialPrachar effective ad high-quality Best Data Science Course Training in Hyderabad with Certified Trainers. They likewise Provide Data Science Classroom Training in Kukatpally Housing Board Colony (KPHB), Hyderabad, and Data Science web-based Training for the individuals outside Hyderabad. 3000+ Trainees Rated them as the Best Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad.

Firstly, the course of this Data Science Institute in Hyderabad includes introductions and installations. Secondly, Basics of R/Python programming language and gradually leveling up. Thirdly, maths and statistics along with NLP and ML. Lastly, working on projects. The students also go through monthly tests, mock interviews, and receive certifications.

Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad

Digital Nest

Their Data Science Courses are currently highly sought after. Data Science is presently a fundamental piece of each association to make choices. It is likewise called as predictive analytics for business reasons. Data Science preparing in Hyderabad is currently popular. Digital Nest must be been chosen for an exceptionally far-reaching Data Science course at Hyderabad keeping industry, students, and experts in mind. They have manufactured a powerful educational plan to such an extent that no other Data Science foundations can catch-up with.

Courses of this data science institute in Hyderabad involves Data Science Course Training, Machine Learning Training, Data Visualization Course Training, R Programming training.

Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad

Prime Classes

Prime classes, a renowned Data Science Institute in Hyderabad, offer quality skill-set improvement services for students and corporates. Their vision is to make a national-level ability pool by making a large number of youths ready for developing industry needs in new-age innovations viz Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and Blockchain.

The course of this Data Science Institute in Hyderabad is divided into three categories.
Firstly, Data Science Advanced Classroom course
These programs are for highly motivated working professionals to become data science practitioners.
The curriculum includes the following:
Firstly, Probability, statistics, mathematical concepts, and data exploration/visualization. Secondly, ML and NLP. Thirdly, Deep Learning using TensorFlow

Secondly, Data Science Advanced Online Course
Firstly, Probability, statistics, mathematical concepts, and data exploration/visualization. Secondly, ML and NLP. Thirdly, Deep Learning using TensorFlow.
Thirdly, Data science course for all
Firstly, it includes probability and statistics basics. Secondly, data preparation and planning/architecting data science solutions. Thirdly, introduction to ML- methods and algorithms

Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad

Innomatics Research Labs

Innomatics Research Labs is a Data Science Institute in Hyderabad which is an expert in upskilling and changing the lives of people in the Digital Space. They provide advanced training on Data Science, Python, ML/AI, AWS, DevOps, Microsoft Azure, Big information Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Investment Banking.

The following courses are provided.
Data Science Masters program in Predictive Analytics Modeler In Association with IBM
Innomatics Research Labs is presently teaming up with IBM and offering the Predictive Analytics Modeler course for the students to pick up information in analytics models to gather, utilize the information productively. To gain proficiency with this course, an individual needs to have what it takes in predictive analytics models, for example, data mining, data assortment and integration, and statistical examination.

The curriculum includes the following:
Firstly, business analytics and business intelligence overview. Secondly, predictive analytics Modeler and advanced data preparation using IBM SPSS Modeler. Thirdly, predictive analytics with IBM Watson Studio.

Advanced-Data Science Training

This course is provided in either classroom mode or online mode or corporate training mode. The curriculum includes the following.
Firstly, introduction to Data Science, Python core and advanced along with understanding text and Data analysis and Visualisation with Python. Secondly, statistics- descriptive and inferential. Thirdly, ML/AI, NLP, and deployment.

Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad

Aditi Digital Solutions

Provides strictly classroom-based training. ADITI Data Science institute in Hyderabad offers 90 days of Data Science classroom training. It includes Python from basic level to advanced level, DJANGO Framework, Machine Learning and Applied Statistics with real-time projects. This is also a well-known Data Science Institute in Hyderabad.


Therefore, the above article provides the list of the top Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad. Data Science holds a bright future and it provides lots of job opportunities like Data Scientist, Data Analytics, Data Engineer, Data Architect, ML Scientist etc. In conclusion, we can say that data science is the foundation of any business, and mastering this skill is necessary. Therefore, I hope this article helps you in finding the right Data Science Training Institutes in order to fulfill your goals.

Data Science Institute in Hyderabad

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