What are the steps to become a good Data Scientist?

Steps to become a good data scientist

Data science, as tempting as it is, is not an easy profession to pursue. It needs certain heavy pre-requisites in many ways. People with excellent computer experience, math and technology passion have strong chances to become a data scientist. Following are the steps of becoming a good data scientist:

What is Data Science?

Data science is about discovering meaningful insights (use, trends, consumer behaviour, retention, etc.). Hence, findings through the use of complex algorithms & tools, processes of machine learning, mathematics & statistics, programming & innovative technologies.

That comment brings stuff pretty much in perspective: A step in becoming a good data scientist is as follows. Someone who is stronger than any software developer in analytics. Also, stronger than any statistician in information engineering.

The job of a Data Scientist

Identify & structure data analytics related challenges that can have a significant beneficial effect on the company or customers. The structured and unstructured data from various sources are collected, cleaned, transformed and processed.

Create mathematical models and use machine learning algorithms to do an in-depth analysis of the generated data if appropriate. Then, interpret the data models to define trends and find approaches & incentives for development & challenges within the business. Inform clients of the findings in a comprehensible way. Storytelling is one of the most critical competencies or steps to become a good data scientist ought to provide.

Skills of a Good Data Scientist

A strong data scientist’s ability set is composed of versatile skills. There are many fields such as data processing, data engineering, programming, math. Also, analytics, computer learning, business, data manipulation, data visualization, database & (big) data. Therefore if you need to become a good data scientist. Following are the steps at which one needs to be thorough at:


It is essential to a data scientist as it needs the ability to see details, patterns. Also, textures from a mathematical perspective when operating on details or constructing data items. So, if you want to evaluate or imagine it after translating data into a standardized type. You do need to have strong statistical knowledge. Linear algebra is one of the machine learning features of the highest significance. Therefore, it is one of the major steps in becoming a good data scientist.


A computer scientist will learn how to code for prototyping tiny & quick solutions or for assembling complicated data structures. It helps you clean the unstructured data and organize them. Also, Python, R, SAS, SPSS, Perl & SQL / NoSQL are the most important programming languages. These technologies you need to know or learn to excel in this field.

Knowledge of Databases:

One of the important steps in becoming a good data scientists must always link, analyze, and store info. So, to do this effectively, awareness of relational databases such as MySQL. As well as NoSQL databases such as MongoDB & Cassandra is quite necessary.

Big Data:

Large data is essentially a massive volume of data, generated at high speed. But, uncertainty from various channels that can’t be effectively managed by conventional information management structures like the relational database.

Data Munging/Wrangling & Visualization:

Data munging / wrangling is the process of translating one “real” type of data into another type. This makes it simpler to understand and use.

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