The World of Lean Six Sigma Certifications in One Guide

Six Sigma Certifications

Lean Six Sigma is a business strategy that combines the principals of lean manufacturing/lean enterprise and Six Sigma Certifications approaches and is aimed at improving workflows by eliminating waste. The Lean Six Sigma methodology is applied by a huge number of organizations all around the world and this has created a high demand for those specialists who have competence in it.

The best way to gain the expertise needed to effectively leverage Lean Six Sigma is to obtain the associated certification. There is a variety of accreditation organizations that provide the professionals with the Lean Six Sigma credentials. But here we will talk about different certificates offered by the IASSC, which stands for the International Association for Six Sigma Certification.

Lean Six Sigma Certifications and Exams

The Lean Six Sigma certifications provided by the IASSC are divided into three main levels.Each level requirestakingone exam, and to ace it, the candidates need to get the passing score of 70%. Most of the questions in the Lean Six Sigma tests are based on the multiple-choice format  but you will also find some true/false questions in the mix.

The first certification level is known as Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt. The prerequisite exam will be 120 minutes long and the students will have to answer 60 questions during this time. Sometimes you might even have to answer 6 additional questions that are ungraded.

Once you have obtained the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, you can proceed with the next credential. It is known as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and the exam for this certificate is 3 hours long and consists of 100 questions.

The last level is known as the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. The exam for this credential is 4 hours long and contains 150 questions.

Preparation Options for Lean Six Sigma Certification Exams

If you are going for any Lean Six Sigma certification, you need to make sure that you prepare for its exam properly. It is recommended that youstart studying for the test a few weeks earlier so that you have enough time to cover every single detail. Another important thing that you should bear in mind is use of proper resources. Make sure that you download your study materials from reliable platforms only. Among different preparation tools, exam dumps and practice tests have proven to be most effective. Here they can help the learners identify their level of knowledge and improve those areas that require more attention.


Nowadays, the employers are mainly interested in the skills that you possess. So, if you are someone who wants to move forward in your career, it is important that you keep up with the latest trends and constantly boost your expertise. The main reason anyone goes for the Lean Six Sigma certifications is that they add a lot to one’s skillset and allows any person to become an in-demand professional on the job market. All you need to earn one of Lean Six Sigma credentials is hard work. So, start your preparation now and get certified in the nearest future!