How to Plan a GMAT Attempt Along with a CAT Re-Take?

How to Plan a GMAT Attempt Along with a CAT Re-Take

How to plan a GMAT attempt along with a CAT re-take comes with In the aftermath of the CAT, many aspirants who did not make it will be contemplating their next move, and the GMAT as an option will be looming large on the horizon. For those aspirants who have a stellar profile, more than 30 months of work experience, and are aiming for top-tier colleges, the GMAT should definitely be considered.

The first question to answer is whether it is worth spending $250 on the GMAT if you are looking at colleges only in India. The best options in India via the GMAT are ISB and SPJIMR. Although ISB is considered too expensive by most aspirants, it is important to consider that it is a one-year course. By earning for a year, the net ISB fee will come down by 10L, making it around 5-8L costlier than the old IIMs. Additionally, the purely financial return on investment for an MBA should be calculated over the longer term, not just the first salary.

For those with 30 or more months of work experience, ISB offers a wider range of roles due to its average work experience of 4.8 years. SPJIMR also accepts the GMAT for its flagship course, and a score of 650 or above will guarantee a profile-based call.

When planning a CAT re-take, the timing of both the GMAT and CAT tests is crucial. Even if one has scored above a 95 percentile on the CAT and is looking at a re-take, a successful re-take with a percentile well in excess of 98 requires at least 12-15 proctored tests. CAT re-take preparation should start no later than 15-July, as proctored tests usually start by the end of June. It is advisable to avoid taking both GMAT and CAT mocks simultaneously, as they are different in terms of difficulty level and question type.

The GMAT is different from the CAT in terms of Verbal and Math sections. The Verbal section on the GMAT is tougher than the CAT, with a focus on grammar and different techniques for RC and CR questions. The timing is also different, with the GMAT allowing 41 questions in 75 minutes, compared to 34 questions in 60 minutes on the CAT. The GMAT requires answering every question, while the CAT allows skipping questions. Solid preparation is needed for the GMAT Verbal section, especially for scores above 720.

Training for the GMAT Verbal section is recommended for most Indian test-takers aiming for scores in excess of 720. Taking a GMAT Official Computer-Based Mock or the Diagnostic Test from the GMAT Official Guide can help determine whether coaching is needed. A score of 680 and above indicates that coaching may not be necessary. Preparing through a GMAT blog that covers advanced concepts and strategies can be sufficient for self-study.

Booking the GMAT slot before starting the preparation is advised, as it provides a well-defined deadline and increases seriousness during the prep. Utilizing the months of April and May effectively is crucial for the chances of cracking both the GMAT and the CAT in the same year.

For international applications or ISB, seeking admissions consulting assistance is recommended. Many Indian aspirants struggle with filling up application forms for schools like ISB and international schools. Admissions consulting assistance can help in selecting the right schools, evaluating profiles, crafting strong application essays, and providing guidance throughout the application process.

Good planning is crucial when preparing for both the GMAT and CAT. Following these guidelines can help aspirants effectively plan and increase their chances and Plan a GMAT Attempt Along with a CAT Re-Take of success in both exams.

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