AIR-10 Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper Mock Interview | UPSC Topper 2020

Satyam Gandhi IAS Topper | UPSC Topper 2020

UPSC announced the consequences of 2020. Satyam Gandhi topped the UPSC exam and secured AIR 10. Satyam Gandhi IAS Topper belongs to Bihar and he cleared the UPSC examination in his first attempt. He is 22 years ancient and at a very younger age, he commenced making ready for UPSC. He is an suggestion for every person who needs to be a Civil Servant. Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper 2020 is devoted to his find out about and it’s the end result of his dedication and tough work that he cleared the UPSC exam in the first attempt. 

Satyam Gandhi Biography

Satyam Gandhi used to be born in the Bihar district of Samastipur in 1999. Satyam Gandhi, a native of Samastipur, Bihar, has come to be a supply of notion for all aspirants after attaining AIR tenth in UPSC Topper CSE 2020. His father, Akhilesh Singh, works for the government, and his mom is a stay-at-home mom. He has a youthful brother who is presently pursuing his education. 

Educational Qualification

Unlike the majority of UPSC civil provider aspirants who count number on coaching institutes to omit the coveted exam, Satyam Gandhi selected to self-study and obtained a 10th-place finish in his first attempt.

Gandhi, a native of Bihar’s Samastipur district, acquired his essential and secondary education at Kendriya Vidyalaya and went on to find out about BA (H) Political Science at Delhi University’s Dyal Singh College. During his ultimate 12 months of college, the 22-year-old determined to begin reading for the UPSC CSE 2020 exam. This was very helpful to become UPSC Topper 2020.

UPSC Journey

In his final year of college, Gandhi moved to Rajendra Nagar, a hotspot for civil carrier aspirants in Delhi. “I chose Rajendra Nagar due to the reality it supplied convenient get admission to learn about materials.” Everything is readily on hand in the bookstores here, from mock checks to teaching books and present-day events. The time spent traveling to acquire study materials used to be reduced in half, according to the topper.

“I took the examination due to the fact it used to be my grandfather’s dream to have a collector (District Magistrate) in the family. As a result, I chose Political Science as a graduation challenge and as an examination option,” Gandhi explained.

Strong and Weak Subjects

Politics and Economics have been his robust suits, whilst History was once his weak suit. Ancient History, in particular, was hard for him. He spent more time on the part that used to be the weakest. When it comes to making ready for the UPSC IAS exam, there is no alternative for challenging work.

Because he is horrible at memorising topics, and records is a difficulty where memorising matters is essential. As a result, he devoted his spare time to the issue and tried to memorise the standards with the aid of revising them repeatedly. 

Satyam Gandhi Strategy

For the prelims, Gandhi emphasises the importance of Economics, Politics, and History. Aspirants, he believes, have to pay greater attention to these topics. He also advises aspirants to take everyday mock tests and test sequence to track their development and make changes to their strategy.

Gandhi recommends studying self-made notes and modern-day occasions for the ultimate week of revision. He labored on revising the mock papers as well. “On examination day, aspirants need to now not goal for a ideal score, but as an alternative deal with the exam like a practise test.” “Rather than stressful about the outcome, they must center of attention on comprehending and answering the questions,” Satyam advised. 

Tips to Score High UPSC Rank | Satyam Gandhi IAS Topper

To commence with, there is no set pattern for passing the UPSC IAS exam. Everyone sticks to the UPSC IAS study graph that they are most relaxed with. It doesn’t remember which find out about approach you use; what things is that you plan ahead of time for what and how the UPSC IAS syllabus need to be covered.

Make a layout that can be carried out and is incredibly realistic. Do not set an overly ambitious learn about aim for yourself. The key to success is consistency and time management.

In terms of the UPSC syllabus, he observed the Ethics and History paper to be the most difficult. Aside from that, he lives alone in Delhi and have to manipulate the entirety on his own, so that section was too difficult for him. 

Satyam Gandhi Preparation for Scoring Marks

Satyam commenced analyzing for the UPSC in 2019 and spent 12-13 hours per day studying. The Samastipur native prioritised the prelims and concentrated on regularly occurring research the most. His self-prepared notes, in addition to books, guided him in passing the exam. Satyam located his flaws after taking a hundred and twenty mock tests. He relied on on line coaching structures for assistance in passing the interview round.

Inspiration of Satyam Gandhi to Score High Results

Satyam Gandhi IAS Topper revealed in an interview with Careers360 that he comes from a rural household and has witnessed the issues of rural areas because he was once a child. He was always compelled to remedy them, however he used to be powerless to do so. Furthermore, his grandfather best wished for him to work as a Collector. These elements blended stimulated him to pursue a profession as an IAS officer.

Optional Subject

Satyam Gandhi labored very difficult in his 12th grade to get into Delhi University, despite his family’s desires for him to pursue engineering. Satyam’s pastime was only in political science, which is why he entered UPSC 2020. Optional Subject: Political Science International Relations (PSIR). 


Satyam Gandhi’s first UPSC attempt resulted in an AIR-10 in the first attempt, illuminating the name of Bihar as a kingdom in India. Here is the booklist provided by using Satyam Gandhi UPSC Topper 2020

Polity – M laxmikanth

Economy – Ramesh Singh

Environment – Shankar IAS

History – Spectrum


Gandhi would endorse future aspirants to create a applicable find out about sketch before commencing their UPSC IAS preparation. Be straightforward with yourself about what you chose and why you chose it. Allow 10-12 hours for self-study and keep away from all distractions, including social media, relatives, friends, and anything else.

Satyam Gandhi’s trip was an inspirational one. He is an notion to many who accept as true with that solely humans from wealthy households can pass and become UPSC Topper 2020

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