AIR-11 Nupur Goel UPSC CSE Topper Mock Interview | IAS Topper 2019

Nupur Goel UPSC CSE Topper 2019

The (UPSC) exam is considered to be one of the hardest and some aspirants have to work hard for many years to clear it. Such is the story of IAS officer Nupur Goel UPSC Topper, who did not succeed to clear the interview in several attempts. However, her hard work and determination helped her fulfill the dream of becoming an Indian administrative services officer in the last attempt when she secured the All India Rank 11 in UPSC CSE 2019.

After completing her graduation from Delhi College of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Nupur decided to pursue Masters’s in Public Administration, her dream set for IAS.

A supporting family helped her but it was so hard. After Two did not succeed to clear the examination, she finally cracked the UPSC CSE Mains, only to fail in the interview round. Never give up, Nupur continued to strive for her dream, constantly reinventing herself, finding innovative ways and constantly studying.

IAS Topper Nupur’s Goel early journey

Nupur Goel UPSC Topper belongs to Narela in Delhi. She graduated with an engineering degree in EC after completing her 12th from DAV College. After a Bachelor of technology, she received her Master’s degree in Public Administration from IGNOU. In fact, this time around her uncle had appeared for the civil Services exam but did not pass. Inspired by him, Nupur decided to become an IAS. 

In 2014, she cleared the Prelims and Mains exams in her 1st attempt. But she did not pass the interview. On the 2nd attempt, she could not even take the preliminary examination. On the 3rd attempt, she once again reached the interview but did not pass. She again failed in the 4th attempt. She then joined a job in the IB. At the same time, she prepared for the final attempt and fulfilled her dream of becoming an Indian Administrative Services officer in UPSC CSE 2019 by securing all India rank 11.

Nupur’s advice for other candidates | IAS Topper Nupur’s Goel

Nupur believes that candidates should not give up till the last attempt while preparing for civil service exams. They should always be moving towards the goal. Mock tests are very important for prelims while answer writing should be practiced for Mains. Candidates should have limited resources and read newspapers every day.

Why Civil Services? | IAS Topper Nupur’s Goel

Nupur was inspired by her uncle who once prepared for UPSC but could not qualify. He gave her the confidence to take this path. After being exposed to the world of the private and public sectors in her final year of engineering, she decided not to sit in college and instead prepare for the UPSC IAS exams. She took her first attempt in the matric year 2014 and qualified for the prelims and mains but could not qualify for the interviews.

The Many Hurdles

Nupur Goel UPSC Topper could not qualify in the second attempt in 2015. She believes that her preparation for general studies is what dragged her down. It was a serious blow when she sat out the interviews in her last attempt and couldn’t qualify for the prelims on her own. But she immediately changed her strategy and in the third attempt she qualified both in the preliminaries and in the main with a very good lead. However, her interview in 2016 did not go too well and she failed to qualify again.

She again failed to clear the premise in her 4th attempt in 2017. But Nupur believed in herself and kept preparing for UPSC. Her boyfriend forced her to appear for an intelligence test held by the Ministry of the Interior. Although Nupur did not prepare much for this exam, her preparation for UPSC got her through. She started this job in 2019.

In 2018 and at the 5th attempt, she again failed at the interview level. Nupur’s family kept encouraging her to try. Failure was never seen in her home. Instead, her efforts were greatly appreciated. That kept her going.

IAS Topper Nupur’s Goel Strategy

Nupur says prelims are cracked by mocking. And for mains, the more you write the better you write, the faster you complete the answers and the better your chances of qualifying. She used all available materials in the market for her preparation.

IAS Topper Nupur’s Goel Essay Writing

For Essay, Nupur insists on specialized preparation. She got 140 marks in her first attempt, which is her highest score in Essay Paper. He suggests having different opinions and citing sources from newsrooms that will enrich your essays. She chose the introductions and conclusions by reading the Yojana. She also focused on practicing philosophical topics as she noticed that UPSC CSE 2019 has delved deeper into these topics in recent years. He says that writing simple and clear essays with multiple dimensions is the best way forward.

IAS Topper Nupur’s Goel Ethics

Nupur says her preparation for an elective in public administration helped her with ethics. She incorporated examples from the Economic Survey and other relevant stories about government schemes and committees to enrich her answers. She has strengthened her writing and worked on her weaknesses this year to ensure a good score.

Message For IAS Aspirants | IAS Topper Nupur’s Goel

Nupur says she has absorb a few tricks to ensure your preparation is on track –

  • Keep resources limited.
  • Don’t miss the daily press.
  • Taking notes allows you to retain more information.
  • never give up on your dream no matter what.

It is a very difficult path. Failing, picking yourself up, and trying again is very hard. But it is this travel that makes you an officer. The courage to accept and the determination to improve are two keys to success.