Air-8 Abhishek Saraf IAS Topper Mock Interview | UPSC Topper 2019

Abhishek Saraf IAS Topper 2019

Now, it is time to comprehend one more IAS officer. In this article, we have included the complete records of the Abhishek Saraf IAS Topper. Let us apprehend facts like Abhishek Saraf UPSC topper 2019 age, biography, mark sheet, examination strategy, and other associated details. 


In the first place, talking about the IAS exam is the examination performed by way of the UPSC authority each year. It is one of the most challenging and revered jobs in India. Further, it has the longest syllabus, and one should cowl all the topics to score nicely in the exam. Like each other exams, even the IAS examination has its examination procedure. In the first place, the Preliminary exam, the Main exam, and finally Interview round. You can go to the official web page to recognize the whole details of the IAS examination and UPSC details. Besides, some aspirants apply for the exam, and some go away from their jobs to put them together for the UPSC exam. So, this examination will take a look at your challenging expertise and your dedication, and your challenging work towards your intention of turning into an IAS officer. 

The IAS exam has a big syllabus, and one can be part of teaching classes. By joining the teaching classes, one can have many benefits. These days, many coaching training additionally grant online courses. Further, we have introduced the details of the range of teaching classes present in exceptional cities. Click Here. Besides, it relies upon one person to different to go for types or not. However, we have considered people clearing the exam besides taking classes, and they have cleared the exam in their first attempt. So, it relies upon your dedication and hard work. Now below, we will recognize Abhishek Saraf’s age, biography, etc.

Abhishek Saraf IAS Topper Biography

Now, in the article, we will talk about the Abhishek Saraf IAS Topper. Abhishek Saraf, an IAS officer, is from Bhopal, and he misplaced his father when he was simply ten months old. His father’s title is  Arvind Saraf, and his mother’s name is Pratibha Saraf. His mother raised him, and he realized hard work, discipline, and the importance of existence from his mother.

Abhishek Saraf Education

He used to be speaking about the training journey of Abhishek Saraf UPSC 2019. He has been tremendously proficient in the grounds that early childhood. After completing the 12th standard, he attempted JEE, and he was capable to get the All India Rank 6. Further, he accomplished his commencement from IIT Kanpur in 2013, and he obtained an opportunity to be concerned in a research venture in India and abroad. Besides, he was a benefit pupil whilst attending the university.

Abhishek Saraf UPSC Exam Details

Abhishek Saraf IAS secured 8th rank in India in his 4th attempt with the aid of choosing civil engineering as his optionally available subject. We all know that the UPSC examination required an excessive degree of dedication and difficult work. In the analysis story of Abhishek Saraf, in spite of his challenges, he used to be committed to his goals. He was once in a position to clear the exam on his fourth attempt, and he gave his strive in the 12 months of 2015, however, he was now not capable to clear the Preliminary exam. As he learned from his mistakes in his preceding attempts

From IRS to IAS

Abhishek Saraf, before becoming an IAS officer, in his previous strive had secured the All India Rank of 248. Further, he was appointed to the IRS’s customs department. But, he was once committed to becoming an IAS officer and saved working on his goals to get the rank inside 100 Further, his maternal uncle is an IAS officer, and he motivated him notably to clear the exam.

IAS Exam Strategy

We all have some exam strategies to crack the exam with true marks when it comes to any exam. So, now we will apprehend the examination strategy.

  • In the first place, he says, one ought to change themselves according to the exam’s requirements. One ought to recognize the situation and the exam pattern.
  • Besides, he mentions that he learned from his mistakes and he says one ought to try to attempt 85 to ninety questions in the exam, then only you can omit the exam.
  • Answer writing skill is equally important, he improved his writing approach in his fourth attempt. In addition, he says all the solutions need to be written in points and one has to use diagrams, drift charts, and underlines.
  • Talking about the essay writing strategy, he used intensive writing exercises as his fundamental technique. 
  • One should find out about the NCERT books alongside different books and strive to make brief notes, you can study from it at some point of the exam.
  • When you are getting ready for the exam, taking breaks will help you to listen more to your studies.
  • One must be conscious of modern occasions and breaking news, it is additionally important for the exam.
  • Then, about the books, he didn’t refer to any particular book, however, he examine those which are popular and noted by the toppers, and also he referred to the previous year’s question.
  • Further, speaking about the non-compulsory subject, he had chosen civil engineering, the truth that he graduated from the equal profession and had also passed the Engineering Services Exam in 2013.
  • He additionally noted the aid and education got from his friends. He acquired useful statistics for groundwork from his classmates at the beginning of the exam preparations. Further, in between research he used to take strength naps which is important.

Abhishek Saraf Marksheet | UPSC Topper 2019

The Below Points will provide you with the entire important points of the Abhishek Saraf IAS Marksheet:

  • Essay (Paper 1) 130
  • General Studies 1 (Paper 2) 104
  • General Studies 2 (Paper 3) 114
  • General Studies 3 (Paper 4) 101
  • General Studies 4 (Paper 5) 144
  • Optional 1 (Paper 6) (Civil Engineering) 124
  • Optional 2 (Paper 7) (Civil Engineering) 138
  • Written Total 885
  • Personality Test 190
  • Final Total 1045
  • Rank 8

One follows the pointers noted above, as it is from their journey it will help you with the exam preparations.

Abhishek Saraf IAS Posting | UPSC Topper 2019

Abhishek Saraf IAS is assigned to Indian Administrative Service(IAS) in the Madhya Pradesh cadre based on the UPSC Topper (CSE)-2019.

Besides, one more necessary thing he mentions is that one ought to surround themselves with fine people who will assist with the exam preparations. As it is every day to get tensed and fear about the exam, they will assist you throughout that time. Further, he used to be dedicated to his goals, and he additionally referred to it once because of his mother, who supported him.

Conclusion | Abhishek Saraf IAS Topper 2019

To conclude, in the article, we have delivered the whole facts of Abhishek Saraf’s UPSC topper biography, age, and other necessary details. We can say that he was once dedicated to his goals. Despite his challenging problems, he saved on working to grow to be an IAS officer. As we have referred to above, he used to be capable to clear the examination on his fourth attempt.  Even though he was appointed as an IRS officer, he usually wanted to become an IAS officer. Therefore, he saved by working hard. Finally, he was successful in reaching his goals. So, one must get motivation after understanding his story; if you prefer to make your dream count, make positive that you work difficult and put in all your efforts. Get the whole small print of the Abhishek Saraf IAS Topper in the article.

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