Civil Services Exam: Myths vs Truth

Civil Services Exam: Myths vs Truth

Civil Services Exam: Myths vs Truth- The Civil Services Exam, much like any other significant achievement, is often accompanied by various myths. These myths tend to cloud the judgement of aspirants, hindering them from seeking the truth. In order to understand why these myths persist, it is important to analyze the psychology of Civil Services aspirants.

Why Do Civil Services Aspirants Believe in Myths?

The reasons for this belief vary from candidate to candidate. Many aspirants are resilient and do not easily give up. However, there is a large majority who fail to clear the exam despite repeated attempts.

Frustrated by their failures, many candidates look for reasons behind their lack of success. Unfortunately, most of them are too frustrated to look for the truth, leading them to believe in myths instead.

Debunking the Myths and Revealing the Truth

It is essential to not let myths cloud your mindset. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the truth. Read on to discover the truth behind some common myths associated with the Civil Services Exam.

1. Myth: Civil Services aspirants must possess knowledge in all areas.

Truth: This is far from true. While it is important to be well-read, the exam requires a reasonably balanced outlook and sharp critical insight into current affairs. The syllabus for the exam is vast, which makes aspirants more knowledgeable than the general population. However, it is not necessary to be a Ph.D. scholar. The aim is to have enough knowledge to administer society effectively in the future.

2. Myth: Clearing the exam requires memorizing countless facts.

Truth: The exam focuses on assessing comprehensive and analytical abilities rather than factual knowledge. While some facts may be necessary to support various perspectives, it is important to understand why these facts are essential. Retaining required facts becomes easier once you comprehend their significance.

3. Myth: Only academic toppers can clear the exam.

Truth: Being a consistent topper throughout your academic career does not guarantee success in the exam. While being a graduate is required, having an alert, aware, and analytical mind increases your chances of success. Developing strong answer writing skills is also beneficial. The interview board may question your past academic performance, but it does not undermine your chances if you provide a logically convincing explanation.

4. Myth: Answer writing skills cannot be improved beyond a limit.

Truth: Ignoring answer writing skills is a major mistake. Your answers reflect your skills as a potential administrator, so practicing these skills is crucial.

5. Myth: Answering a large number of questions in the Prelims increases your chance of qualification.

Truth: It is not the quantity but the quality of answers that matter. Answering questions correctly is more important than attempting a high number.

6. Myth: Studying for more than 15 hours a day is necessary to crack the exam.

Truth: Studying for excessively long periods of time is not sustainable. Quality of study matters more than quantity. It is advisable to study for fewer hours but focus on understanding the material.

7. Myth: Reading numerous books is essential to crack the exam.

Truth: The Union Public Service Commission does not require extensive scholarly works. Choose study materials that align with the UPSC syllabus, engage in selective reading, clarify doubts, and revise regularly.

8. Myth: Taking notes for everything you study is necessary.

Truth: Not everything needs to be converted into notes. Analyze what requires note-taking and prioritize accordingly. Remember that the purpose of taking notes is to aid in revision and save time.

A Word of Caution Regarding Civil Services Exam Myths

IAS aspirants often trust their loved ones and may fall victim to additional myths. It is crucial to stay alert, remain informed, and maintain a logical mindset. Falling prey to myths can significantly reduce your chances of clearing the Civil Services Exam: Myths vs. Truth.

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