History of IAS Examination

History of IAS Examination

The history of the IAS examination dates back to the establishment of the uncovenanted civil service, which was introduced to encourage Indians to enter the lower ranks of the administration. This service included specialized branches such as the Indian Forest Service, the Imperial Police, and the Indian Political Service, all of which were part of the civil service under the British Indian Army. Initially, many participants in this service came from the Imperial Police, but starting from 1893, an annual test was introduced to select new recruits.

In 1858, the Indian Civil Service (ICS) was introduced to replace the Indian Civil Service, the highest public service in the British Raj from 1858 to 1947. The British continued to refer to it as the ICS until 1942.

Under the Government of India Act 1919, the Indian Civil Services were divided into two branches, the All India Services and the Central Services. The IAS was one of the ten All India Services.

During the Premier’s Conference in 1946, it was decided to establish the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), merging the Central Cabinet based on the Indian Civil Society and the Indian police based on the Imperial Police.

Today, the IAS examination is the most sought-after public service exam in India, with lakhs of candidates appearing for it every year. The Indian Administrative Service holds a unique position in the country’s public services and is often colloquially referred to as the IAS examination.

The origins of the IAS can be traced back to the period after 1757 when the East India Company became the de facto rulers of parts of India. It was during this time that the company established the Covenanted Civil Services (CCS) for administration. Members of the CCS were required to sign company board agreements.

After the end of the 1857 revolt, the rule of the company was transferred to the British Crown, and the Imperial Civil Service was established until 1886. The Indian Civil Service was then introduced. In 1854, the Macaulay Committee proposed the recruitment of the ICS be based on merit instead of a company-led operation. From 1855 onwards, recruitment to the ICS was done through competitive exams, open only to Indians.

In 1912, the Islington Commission recommended that 25% of higher positions in the ICS should be filled by Indians, along with the demand for greater inclusion of Indians in the service. It also suggested that recruitment for higher-level positions should be conducted in India and England.

The ICS examination began taking place in India from 1922. On 1 October 1926, the Public Service Commission of India was established under the leadership of Captain Ross Barker. In 1924, the Central Superior Services were designated for all Indian services. After 1939, due to the unavailability of Europeans, the number of Indians in the service increased.

After independence, IAS replaced the ICS. The IAS has played a crucial role in the Indian management services sector. An IAS officer can attain the highest-ranking government positions, including the secretary of government. R. Pillai holds the distinction of being the first IAS officer to reach the rank of Cabinet minister.

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