How to control feelings during the IAS Test Planning?

How to control feelings during the IAS Test Planning

How to control feelings during the IAS Test Planning- Numerous aspirants of IAS frequently express phrases like ‘IAS prep is a lifestyle’, which may sound like a line from a movie. However, there is some truth behind this statement. The preparation for IAS presents several challenges and one of the most difficult aspects to manage is the emotional stress experienced by the candidates.

Feelings play a significant role in the success of IAS candidates. Negative emotions can often lead to unnecessary anxiety and stress that hinder the preparation process. How to control feelings during the IAS Test Planning. Candidates face emotional challenges from various perspectives, including personal, peer, familial, and cultural aspects.

At the family and cultural levels, the lack of awareness about the goals and expectations of the candidate adds to the pressure. Comparisons with peers who have already established successful careers also contribute to emotional turmoil. Individual doubts about their abilities and potential further undermine the candidate’s confidence.

To control emotions during IAS test planning, consider the following tips:

1. Avoid becoming addicted to success: While success is desirable, getting addicted to it can be detrimental. In a highly competitive field like the civil service exam, there will always be candidates who are better than you. Acknowledge and accept this fact and focus on giving your best.

2. Practice patience: IAS preparation is a long-term process that requires patience and persistence. You need to be patient in all aspects of your preparation, whether it is studying subjects that you find challenging, following a rigorous daily schedule, or dealing with setbacks in attempts to clear the exam. Stay committed to your goals and strive to improve yourself.

3. Believe in yourself: Self-confidence and self-belief are crucial in achieving success in the IAS exam. As you prepare for the exam, you may start doubting your abilities and the decision to choose civil service as a career. In such times, have faith in your dream of becoming an IAS officer and the reasons that motivated you to pursue this path.

4. Enjoy the journey: Instead of overly focusing on the end goal, learn to appreciate the process of IAS preparation. Many successful candidates have described their preparation journey as a transformative experience that prepares them not just for the exam, but for the challenges of being an IAS officer. Embrace the challenges and growth opportunities along the way.

5. Concentrate on the ultimate goal: Whenever you face emotional turmoil, reflect on the reasons that motivated you to choose IAS as a career. Remind yourself of the positive impact you can have on society as a civil servant. This will reinforce your determination and dispel any doubts or uncertainties.

Additionally, it is helpful to talk about your feelings and concerns with peers or family members who understand the challenges you are facing. Finding a support system can alleviate stress and provide valuable guidance. Prioritize getting enough sleep and avoid excessive use of electronic devices before bed to ensure a healthy rest schedule during this demanding time.

In conclusion, controlling emotions during IAS test planning is crucial for success. By managing negative emotions, cultivating self-belief, and enjoying the journey, candidates can navigate the preparation process effectively and increase their chances of clearing the exam.

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