How to Prepare for UPSC IAS Exam in Last 80 days?

How to Prepare for UPSC IAS Exam in Last 80 days

How to Prepare for the UPSC IAS Exam in the Last 80 days?- The UPSC examination, conducted annually by the Union Public Service Commission in India, is a highly sought-after goal for many aspirants. However, only a few manage to clear the exam and achieve their goal due to the vast UPSC syllabus and the need for extensive preparation. In order to succeed, aspirants must work hard and smart. This article provides advice on how aspirants can prepare themselves for the IAS exam in just 80 days, particularly for those who are students or employed and have limited time for studying.

It is crucial to prioritize relevant aspects during IAS exam preparation. Aspirants must aim to score a minimum of 33% in the UPSC CSAT and should appear for mock tests to identify their weaknesses and improve their skills. Clearing CSAT should be the initial focus, as failing to score the minimum percentage will result in the non-evaluation of their GS paper I prelims. It is also important to identify the relevant parts of the syllabus and refer to previous years’ question papers to understand the exam trend and pattern.

Choosing the right UPSC books is essential. Aspirants should select relevant books and stick to them throughout their preparation, as switching between books can lead to confusion and the inability to recognize important points and information.

Regular revision is key to retaining important topics and current affairs. As the syllabus is extensive, frequent revision of notes is necessary to ensure comprehensive preparation. Aspirants can also refer to magazines and newspapers to stay updated with the latest happenings.

Creating a routine for the last 80 days before the IAS exam is crucial. Following a routine helps in organizing tasks effectively, with daily revision included to remember topics from all subjects. More focus should be given to weak subjects. Solving UPSC model test papers and participating in mock tests can boost confidence and provide an idea of the aspirant’s preparation level. Answer writing practice can also be improved through mock tests.

The remaining 80 days can be divided into specific segments for each subject. For example, 14 days for History and Art & Culture, 11 days for Geography, 11 days for Polity, 10 days for Economy, 9 days for Environment, 7 days for Science & Technology, and 18 days for Current Affairs.

Here are some additional tips for preparing for the IAS exam in 80 days:

1. Start with the optional subject to build confidence and secure 25% marks.

2. Study previous years’ question papers to identify important sections of the syllabus.

3. Utilize the time effectively and avoid spending too many days on a single subject.

4. Allocate specific days for each subject and prepare accordingly.

5. Focus on the most important topics for IAS mains and cover them efficiently.

6. Create a realistic everyday routine and set achievable goals.

7. Develop an effective study plan for the UPSC IAS mains.

8. Allocate specific time for reading newspapers and magazines to stay updated.

9. Pay attention to the five main topics of GS Paper 3 and gain knowledge of recent surveys and events.

10. Consider reading books by popular philosophers for GS Paper 4, which largely involves ethics and philosophy.

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