Which is the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi for Political Science?

best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi for Political Science

IAS aspirants are well aware of the importance of the optional subject in the IAS exam. Therefore it is of primary importance that you choose an IAS coaching institute in Delhi that offers quality teaching and resources that cater to your chosen optional subject. Different IAS institutes in Delhi offer coaching on a variety of optional subjects for the IAS exam for their students. However, one must conduct thorough research before enrolling into any IAS coaching centre to have a better understanding of whether the learning environment, teaching style, and budget meets their requirement. Below we have mentioned the best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi for Political Science.

Which is the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi for Political Science?

Political science is a popular choice among the IAS aspirant as an optional subject, and hence, many distinguished IAS coaching centres provide for its coaching classes. Shankar IAS Academy is considered to be the best IAS coaching centre for enrolling in political science as an optional subject. Shankar IAS Academy provides online coaching classes for its students. Apart from Shankar IAS Academy, some other distinguished coaching classes for political science include The Hindu Zone, Shubhra Ranjan, VajiRam and Ravi, Analog Ias Academy, etc. Listed below are some advantages of choosing political science as your optional subject.

Small Duration To Prepare

Political science is a very dynamic subject, and it takes around 7 months to thoroughly prepare for this subject. The short duration allows you ample time to cover the vast IAS exam syllabus and focus on relevant topics and information required to ace the IAS exam. If you want to choose an optional subject that you can easily prepare for in a short time, then political science can be a good option.

 Helps Acquire Board Knowledge Of Current Affairs

Political science requires you to keep abreast with all the updated and current affairs of national and international news.  With the updated current affairs, the general studies papers become much easier to tackle and answer. It helps to reduce the amount of preparation needed for completing the General studies paper for both prelims and mains paper.

Subject Interlinking Property

Another benefit of opting political science as an optional subject is that of its interlinking property. You can make use of the knowledge of political science in various ways, For example in the interview round, you will be able to present facts, data on any topic related to current affairs. It will be an added advantage in the personality round as you will be able to present your opinions and views in a detailed manner with data and facts to help impress the interviewing panel.

No Need For Academic Background

Unlike any other optional subject in the IAS exam, political science does not require you to have an academic background in the subject to opt for the optional subject in the IAS exam. You can choose political science as your optional subject, and with the right approach, you will be easily able to complete and ace the test in no time. Since the subject is so dynamic, you will surely develop an interest during preparation that will allow you to be focused and better prepare for your impending IAS exam.

The above-listed advantages are only among the few benefits of choosing political science as an optional subject in the IAS exam. Since several IAS coaching centres provide coaching classes for political science as an optional subject, listed below are few facilities offered by IAS coaching institute for political science students.

Small Batch Size

Many reputed coaching centres provide for small batch sizes, comprising of 50 to 100 students per batch. The small batch size allows for personal attention and proper guidance that aids in better preparation of the study material.

Notes And Study Material

The IAS coaching center provides students with extensive study material and notes that include political Science Notes, Political Science Exam Preparation Booklets, UPSC Political Science Notes, etc. These notes and study material are regularly updated according to the changing pattern and demands of the IAS exam. The study material complied by the learned faculty helps prepare the students to think, feel, and express their views and opinions in a proper way. 

Online Guidance

Apart from the physical classroom guidance, many coaching centers also provide their students with online guidance, with facilities of live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility, etc. It allows for flexibility on the student’s behalf as they can clear their queries and doubts from the comfort of their home. The online guidance also aids in benefitting students that live in remote areas or locations and are unable to attend the classes by availing them with quality teaching and experienced mentors.

Moderate Course Fee

The course fee for political science as an optional subject can range from 40,000 to 55,000 rupees. The moderate course fee for the optional subject allows many aspirants to choose political science as an optional subject for the IAS exam. You can opt for the coaching centre that you find has the right blend of learning environment, quality teaching, and your budget to make the informed decision.

Dedicated Teachers

The mentors for the optional subject of political science in many institutes are very dedicated. They ensure that regular assignments, tests, and consistent evaluations are conducted to provide students with valuable insights and feedback to help improve their performance in the IAS exam. The teachers make ample efforts to explain the topics in an effective and simplified way to ensure that students can easily grasp the information provided. Some teachers also help solve students’ queries in midst of virtual classes too.

The above discusses facilities are only among the few facilities offered by IAS coaching centres in Delhi. To know more about the facilities and benefits, you can visit the websites of different coaching centres for optional political science subjects. Several coaching centres in Delhi offer students attractive discounts and deals that students can take advantage of. You can also take feedback from past candidates to understand the quality of teaching and services provided by various IAS coaching in Delhi to make an informed decision. 

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