Does IAS Officer Gets Pension?

Does IAS Officer Gets Pension?

IAS, which stands for the Indian Administrative Service, is one of three important arms of the All India Services of Government in India. It is one of the most prestigious public services jobs.  To get into the IAS, one has to pass the Civil Services Examination, which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

It is one of the, if not toughest exams in India. Millions of aspirants give the exam every year, making it highly competitive. The reason why IAS is much in demand is that it is a respectful job, and it comes with a high salary package, and various other benefits. And even after retiring from the job, you get many perks.

IAS Officers Get a Pension

Does IAS Officer Gets Pension? Yes A lifetime pension is promised to IAS officers. The pension facility was reintroduced for all government employees (except the armed forces) on 1st January 2004. The officers who joined IAS after 1st January 2004 get pension according to the contributory pension scheme. The individual contributes 10% of his pay and the government adds 14% towards it. The IAS officer who joined before 2004 gets a complete pension according to previous schemes.

Other job offers – Various IAS officers can be employed by the government in different departments, commissions, tribunals, public sector boards, UPSC, CIC, CAG, CEG, and Chief Integrity Monitors for the post of Governor, Lt. Governor, and many other jobs even after they have retired. The retired IAS officers have to choose whether they wish to be employed in the above-mentioned jobs and continue to work post-retirement or not.

Security – The government may provide security to retired IAS officers if they wish to. There are a lot of risks involved in the job of an IAS officer and so, sometimes an IAS officer forms various enemies during the tenure of their job. Although no security is given to IAS officers after their retirement, they can demand security from the government, in case they feel threatened.