How to Become an IAS Officer?

How to become an IAS officer

How to Become an IAS Officer? Many UPSC candidates wonder how to become IAS officers. Particularly for those who are in the 10th and 12th grades. 

IAS Full Form

We’ve all heard of the IAS officer. We don’t everybody fully understand what an IAS officer is. So let’s start by defining IAS’s entire name. Indian Administrative Service is known as IAS. It is one of the highest-ranking government positions in India. 

How to Become an IAS Officer? 

The Candidate must pass the Civil Service Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to become an IAS officer. Only aspiring candidates who pass the UPSC-CSE exam are eligible to become IAS officers. 

Age Limit: Eligibility Requirements

To sit for the UPSC CSE exam, candidates must be at least 21 years old.

To qualify as an IAS officer in the general category, a candidate must be 32 years old.

Educational Background

A candidate must possess a graduation degree from any reputable university to qualify for the UPSC CSE exam and become an IAS officer. This exam is open to candidates who are in their final year of high school. Candidates who have completed correspondence courses are also qualified to take the test.

Number of Attempts

The candidate can only make six attempts in the general category.

The candidate has a maximum of nine attempts for that off OBC category.

The candidate for SC/ST category is unlimited attempts till 37 years of age.

The UPSC CSE Exam: What is it?

The Union Public Service Commission, which administers the CSE exam, is simply known as UPSC.  It is one of the most difficult competitive tests in India.

There are three phases to the UPSC CSE exam:

Paper 1: Current affairs, Indian politics, and history.

Paper 2: Civil service aptitude test (CSAT)

Syllabus for the Main Exam

  • Essay on any topic Indian Heritage, Culture, Geography, Constitution, Governance, Social Justice, Technology, Environment, Disaster Management, Ethics, Integrity and, Aptitude, Indian                                     language(Anyone of the language) English language

 Recruitment process

Applicant is qualified for the final interview after clearing the objective and subjective exams. Few candidates made it to this round. The candidate becomes an IAS officer after meeting the requirements and succeeding in the interview.

Both the candidate’s mental ability and subjective personal skills are tested during the interview. After the candidate’s selection, he receives training and is placed appropriately.