How Many Hours to Study For IAS Exam?

How Many Hours to Study For IAS Exam

UPSC CSE is one of the hardest and most competitive examinations around the world. Around a million people apply for the exam every year, and the syllabus is very vast. One needs a smart study plan, a lot of confidence, and a hard working spirit. Aspirants often find it very difficult to decide How Many Hours to Study For IAS Exam? Well, there’s no exact time that everyone should follow. It all rely on the capabilities of an individual. One can give his whole day on one topic, and one can cover the same topic in half the time. The hours to study factor changes from person to person.

According to some experts, one must give 15 hours per day to study to cover the entire syllabus in time. Though that’s not compulsory, many candidates can achieve the goal by studying for six to seven hours a day. But as stated earlier, it all relay on the capabilities of an individual. Understanding the syllabus is important before start the preparation. Breaking the syllabus into small parts, creating a proper study plan, and setting target goals will help you a lot.

You can’t always study for hours and hours without feeling tired and getting sick. Students tend to lose interest as days become tiring by studying for 10-12 hours every day. One has to stay motivated and maintain their ability to study for longer durations because you’ll have to do it for a year every day. Here are some tips that will help you in studying for long hours and improve the quality of your studying:

Set small target goals while preparing. Completing one goal per day will help a lot.
Take regular breaks. A 5-10 minute break after an hour of proper studying wouldn’t cause a problem.
Try to stay away from mobile phones as it interferes with your concentration level. Going for a walk, reading the newspaper, drawing, etc. is a good way to take a break.
Give your utmost focus to studying and avoid all other distractions. One should be disciplined in his/her preparation.
Do smart studying. Smart studying involves learning in multiple ways, avoiding multitasking, revising concepts regularly, simplifying concepts, understanding concepts, etc.

In UPSC CSE, How Many Hours to Study For IAS Exam? there is no exact answer one must focus on the quality of their study and not the quantity. Candidates must devote time-based on their capabilities. They must decide on their own how many hours they should study to cover all the topics properly. One important thing is to take a rest. 8 hours of sleep and a healthy diet are important for both mental and physical well-being. And keep in mind that consistency is the key.