How To Be an IAS Officer?

How To Be An IAS Officer?

Simply put, you can transform yourself into an Indian Civil Service Officer by consistently clearing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Common Administration Assessment. This test introduces officers to the common administrations of the country which includes administrations like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and some others. Among every administration, IAS is the most sought after and considered the most respected of all.

To become an IAS officer, you really want to consistently qualify the civil services exam conducted by UPSC. The test is aimed at the enrollment of government employees for around 25 administrative bodies including IAS, IPS, IFS, central taxpayer-run organizations and also other unified administrative bodies. UPSC issues alerts and welcomes applications around January-February every year and the main phase or preliminary evaluation usually takes place around late May or early June.

Search After Graduation

To become an IAS officer, you are expected to have a graduation degree as one of the eligibility rules for selecting the common administrative test.

The joint administration test covers virtually every subject imaginable. Be it Indian History, World Geology, Indian Community, Writing or Contemporary Business, you will cover this range of subjects and more during your UPSC-CSE exam preparation.

So you may decide to take one of these subjects during graduation to gain information or work on how you might interpret the subject further. This will help you get the areas of strength for one subject while taking the UPSC-CSE test.

Take The UPSC-CSE Test

To become an IAS officer, you have to appear for CSE – Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC – Union Public Service Commission. When you are a graduate, you can apply for the mentioned test.

UPSC conducts civil services exam in three phases to be specific:

  • Primary exam
  • Joint Services (Main) Examination
  • Character test or interview

Get the Skills To Become an IAS Officer

To become an IAS officer, you want to show that you have what it takes to be efficient. Even after reading rigorously for a really long time, with the possibility that you lack the skills and character traits and become an IAS officer, you may very well go backwards rather than forwards.

Get the skills related to turning into an IAS officer that everyone looks up to for motivation just like you admire your godly subjects. Skills like Navigation, Correspondence, Clear Reasoning, Reasonable Thinking, Decisive Reasoning, etc. will help you in taking accurate notes in your General Subjects Written Report and also in breaking the proceedings – Mains Round of UPSC-CSE Test.