IAS Prelims in 1 Month – What & How to Study

IAS Prelims in 1 Month – What & How to Study

Prepare for IAS Prelims in 1 month: Effective strategies & study tips. Cover key topics and practice papers. Success awaits!- IAS Prelims: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the long-awaited Civil Services examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission will begin the selection procedure. The Preliminary exam for the IAS 2020 batch is scheduled on October 4, 2020.

It is widely understood that preparing for Civil Services is a challenging task that requires significant strategies and hard work. Many aspirants believe that there is a shortage of time and request any possible method to crack the preliminary exam within one month. It is indeed possible if one can allocate a smart number of hours for preparation. As the exam is approaching, aspirants should solely focus on the screening test (Prelims) during this month. Here is the ideal method to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services within one month. This examination should not be taken lightly as it requires aspirants to alter their study approach and maintain a positive mindset.

IAS Prelims: Recognize the Strengths:

Every individual possesses hidden talents such as the ability to memorize facts in a short time and a unique approach to answering questions. Try to identify these strengths by conducting a SWOT analysis (SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). This analysis will provide a better understanding of one’s position in Civil Services prelims preparation. It should also be applied separately for general studies subjects like history, politics, and geography.

Familiarize Yourself with Everything:

After gaining confidence in theoretical concepts and facts, aspirants need to adapt their strategies based on the question and situation. Therefore, they must familiarize themselves with every aspect of the examination, including the exam structure and syllabus. Ignoring these guidelines due to time constraints or other reasons will have negative consequences in the exam. We recommend becoming familiar with the Civil Services syllabus, exam pattern, and strategy for CSAT and general studies questions.

Organize Your Study Pattern:

If you have decided to prepare for the examination in one month, the first step is to organize your studies in a practical manner. It is a good idea to start with paper-II Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) as it can be completed in three or four days, boosting your confidence. The syllabus for Civil Services is vast, so aspirants should focus on perfection rather than simply covering the subjects. Allocate at least two to three days for each topic in the general studies paper, considering their importance.

Concentrate Extensively on Prelims:

Clearing the Prelims alone will not make you a civil servant. You must also prepare for the mains examination and the subsequent interview. Although reading mains exam theories and concepts alongside prelims preparation is preferred, it may not be feasible due to time constraints. Many students face difficulties in answering questions due to ambiguity. We advise focusing solely on the Preliminary exam scheduled in a month. We have addressed each topic in the general studies section separately.

IAS Prelims: Give More Attention to General Studies Paper-I:

It is important to note that the general studies paper is only considered for shortlisting candidates for the mains exam. This indicates that the main focus should be on general studies. The CSAT paper is of qualifying nature, and four to five times of preparation, along with regular practice, is sufficient.

Course of Action for General Studies Paper-1:

All IAS aspirants are encouraged to start preparing for the current affairs section. Complete this section first, and then focus on politics or history based on your interest. Put economics and geography in the middle, as they require extensive revision. While practicing CSAT questions, try to cover all the basic concepts to save time. Give significant attention to facts related to the ecology & environment section, as well as science and technology.

Lastly, take regular study for mock tests to Prepare for IAS Prelims in 1 month. This will boost your confidence and help you identify and improve your weaknesses.

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