Improve Your Handwriting: For it Counts When You Face the Civil Services Exam

Improve your Handwriting

Improve Your Handwriting: For it Counts When You Face the Civil Services Exam- Handwriting is an important factor to consider when writing answers in the Civil Services Exam, especially during the Mains. While the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) may not be impressed by calligraphy skills, having legible handwriting is crucial. Readable handwriting can be a significant advantage when it comes to scoring well in the exam.

There are several reasons why improving your handwriting is important:

1. It May Affect your Rank:

Your handwriting reflects what you want to convey in your answers. Poor handwriting can risk your marks and potentially affect your rank in the exam results. Even a difference of one mark can impact your overall ranking in the Civil Services Exam.

2. It May Determine Whether you Pass or Fail:

Clearing the Civil Services Exam is already challenging, and having unreadable handwriting can be a deciding factor in your success or failure. A single mark can make a difference, and it would be unfortunate to fail simply because of poor handwriting.

To Improve your Handwriting, follow these 14 Steps:

Step 1: Analyze your handwriting: Write a few sentences spontaneously to determine the accurate sample of your handwriting. Pay attention to the shapes of letters, slant, alignment, spacing, letter size, and line quality.

Step 2: Choose the right material: Use quality writing materials that make the writing process comfortable and convenient, ensuring better handwriting.

Step 3: Stay motivated: Maintain a sense of motivation to achieve your goal of improving your handwriting.

Step 4: Exercise your hands: Regularly exercise your hands to reduce fatigue and improve your ability to write for long periods.

Step 5: Hold your pen correctly: Hold your pen in the correct manner to improve your writing and make it more readable.

Step 6: Maintain proper posture: Sit in a proper posture while writing to ensure comfort and readability of your handwriting.

Step 7: Involve forearm and shoulder movements: Properly move your forearm and shoulder while writing, and avoid putting too much pressure on your thumb.

Step 8: Ensure the basic shapes are correct: Pay attention to the basic shapes of all letters to enhance readability.

Step 9: Focus on loop size: Ensure that loops are properly shaped and sized, as overly large or small loops can make your handwriting less readable.

Step 10: Avoid excessive slant or tilt: Avoid tilting or slanting your letters too much, as it can make your handwriting difficult to understand.

Step 11: Review and practice: Regularly review your handwriting and work on improving areas that need attention.

Step 12: Pay attention to letter tops: Properly shape the tops of letters to make them more readable and meaningful.

Step 13: Consider paper placement: Position your paper in a way that suits your writing hand for optimal readability.

Step 14: Avoid excessive pressure: Apply the right amount of pressure while writing to avoid making your handwriting unreadable and straining your wrist.

Remember to be patient while practising and Improve Your Handwriting, For it Counts When You Face the Civil Services Exam. It may take time, but with consistent effort, your handwriting will definitely improve.

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